With this tool you can easily disable automatic updates in Windows 10

There are several methods to disable automatic updates in Windows 10 , some do not work anymore, others are complicated, and then there is the problem of wanting to receive updates again. With the StopUpdates10app you can solve that problem.

Although we insist that you should never deactivate the updates for your security, we understand that there are many users who prefer to postpone them, especially when a new version of Windows 10 is about to arrive and you have already had bad experiences when installing on your computer.

Users of Windows 10 Pro have the option to postpone the new versions of the system, but in Windows 10 Home there is no such thing, they will always be downloaded automatically.


StopUpdates10 is a simple free tool that stops Windows updates , prevents you from installing a new version, and stops those annoying notifications that there is a version of Windows waiting for you.

The best of all is that it works in a couple of clicks, and you can reactivate automatic updates whenever you want by pressing a single button.

Its creator affirms that the tool does not erase any file, does not change changes permissions nor do other destructive actions. What it does is create the registry keys needed to block the updates, stopping the processes that Windows uses to update.

The tool is freeware, you can download the .ZIP file and scan it in VirusTotal if you are worried about hiding malware, they will offer you links on the official page so you can check that they do not hide strange bugs.

You can uninstall StopUpdate10 whenever you want using the Windows program manager and once you do this, the tool restores system updates automatically .

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