Why DIY roof repair is rarely the best option

Every time you come home, you notice that loose roof tile. There is a leak in the roof somewhere causing that ceiling stain to keep getting larger. It looks like an easy enough job, you could have that sorted in a day. Not so! While a DIY quick fix might seem the easiest option, in the long run, it is definitely not. Roofing jobs should always be done by a specialist, and it will always save you time and money. We look at the reasons why it’s always best to call in the experts.

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Your own safety

Is that loose tile getting on your nerves? No matter how easy you think it will be to DIY, accidents caused by people trying to fix their roofs are all too common. It’s a dangerous job going up onto a roof or into an attic. The right equipment and the right knowledge are essential. We urge you to always contact a professional for any roof repair.

Time, money and equipment

It might seem quicker and cheaper to repair your roof yourself. But experience wins every time, you may well make the problem worse, meaning you have to spend more on an expert later. In addition, an expert roofer already has the right tools – and we’re not just talking hand tools. We mean the bigger tools for the bigger jobs: safety tools, ropes, protective equipment, ladders. All things that can be very expensive to hire.

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Expert work

In the time it takes you to figure out what the problem is, and learn how to fix it, an expert could have come in and got it done before you even get up a ladder. An experienced roofer like will be able to visit you quickly, and tell you whether the problem can be fixed or if something needs replacing. This kind of skill and knowledge only comes with years of experience. Search online for ‘roofers Cheltenham’, or ask your neighbours if they have had recent work done, for a personal recommendation.

Whichever contractor you choose, make sure you do choose an expert. That irritating loose tile is really not worth you risking your health and safety for. In the long run, an expert job is always the best and safest option.


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