What is a thread lift?

When it comes to cosmetic surgery and non surgical procedures to help enhance your natural beauty and halt the effects of aging it can seem like there are an incredible number of options to choose from. The procedure that works best for one person may not be the same as for another as the results are very unique to the individual and will depend very much on the outcome that they are looking for.

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Thread lift is one such treatment. In order to remove the risks of a full cosmetic facelift, many people are turning to this much less invasive treatment. Here is some infaomrtion about the procedure that is perfromed by Thread Lift Cardiff companies such as

A thread lift is classed as a non-surgical procedure as it does not require the use of a general anaesthetic or extensive surgical work to be undertaken. Instead the procedure takes place with the use of a local anaesthetic. The loose skin that is causing the look of aging or saggy appearance in the face is not removed as with a traditional facelift. It is instead held back with tiny sutures that are used to hold the portions of skin up. The procedure itself can also promote the health healing process of producing large amounts of collagen in the affected area, that the body naturally carries out which in itself can make for a more youth appearance. Collagen is a natural product produced by the body and it plays an important role in the appearance of young looking skin. Collagen is used in many skin care products to help boost the body’s natural supply and retain a youthful look for longer.

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Collagen is also responsible for the healing of wound sites and it is this combination of functions that makes it so important for health and young looking skin. As we age the amount of collagen that is naturally produced by our bodies decrease which is what leads to the aging signs in our skin.

One of the main advantages of a thread lift over a full facelift procedure is that the recovery time is much less as is the risk of infection and there is no need for full sedation meaning you can be back to your normal everyday activities within no time. The risk of scarring is also greatly reduced and as long as you follow the after care guideline you are given by your chosen professional you will probably have very little pain or swelling around the site of the sutures.

How do dishwashers work in 2019?

Dishwashers have become an appliance that many homes and businesses cannot live without, and they offer an easy and effective solution to piles of dirty dishes.

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Amazingly, dishwashers work on a very simple principle is essentially the same as having a shower. There is no high-tech secret that makes a dishwasher effective, and when you look at its mechanics, it is amazingly simple.

Nowadays, with such a heavy focus on saving water you even get dishwashers that use a minimal amount of water or recycle their own water for re-use.  This can become a problem of course if you have a drain blocked as water can effect your plumbing.  Should you ever have this problem you can consult businesses like who will perform drain lining surveys and keep your drains running clear.

To get a better understanding of the mechanics of a dishwasher, let’s take a look at how one works.

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From start to finish

Once the dishwasher has been loaded and the liquid soap or tablet has been added, cold water is piped into the machine from your standard supply. The machine has a heating element at the bottom – and possibly on the sides – that is powered by electricity. The element warms the water up to between 30 and 60°C (86 and 140°F), and a pump then pushes it through the side walls of the machine.

The heat of a dishwasher‘s water is important, as it is far hotter than any hand wash would ever be.

As the water squirts out the side, it spins the paddle found at the top and in the middle of the machine around and distributes the flow evenly. The water then bounces off all the dishes in the dishwasher and falls to the bottom, where it is reheated and cycles again.

During the wash cycle, the tablet or liquid soap will be released into the well of the dishwasher and the soapy water it creates will be sprayed across the plates. If you have used rinse aid, this will be released during the rinse cycle.

After the rinse cycle, the paddle will come to a stop and the dishes can be removed as needed.

Plumbed Hot Dishwashers

The example given focuses on a cold-plumbed dishwasher, but there are also those that are plumbed with hot water. These will work faster because there is no need for an internal element to heat the water up.


How to have a comfortable coach trip

One of the best things about going on a coach trip is that you get to sit back and relax, watch the world go by as someone else does all the driving! No two coach trips are the same, depending on your destination, season, country and duration but here are some great tips for any coach trip.

  1. Wear loose clothing

If you want to be comfortable, then dress in loose-fitting clothing that’s perfect for travel. Choose an outfit with layers so you can adjust what you’re wearing if the temperature changes during your journey.

  1. Comfortable shoes

Never mind fashion, you want to be comfortable on your feet. Ideally, wear a pair that can easily be removed or loosened while seated. Remember to circle your feet and ankles when you’re sedentary and point and flex your toes regularly. For your next trip, consider Dorset Coach Hire. Dorset coach hire by Turners Coaches is a great choice for the discerning traveller.

  1. Travel pillow

Nodding off is easy when you’re being lulled by the motion of the coach. Don’t risk waking with a painful crick in your neck and take a travel pillow with you for maximum comfort.

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  1. Regularly stretch your legs

Take every opportunity to get off the coach and stretch your legs, even if you don’t need a rest break or to buy anything. It’s a great excuse to have a stretch, take a look around and even get chatting to your fellow passengers. It will also help you to stay refreshed and energised on reaching your destination.

  1. Carry some small change

Depending on where you are, some service stations and tourist attractions may charge a small fee for using the toilet facilities. Having some change handy will make life much easier when you make a quick stop somewhere.

  1. Take a good book or two

Whether you fancy losing yourself in a good fiction or want to take the opportunity to read up on where you’re about to visit, a coach trip is the perfect chance to catch up on some reading.

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  1. Music

Whether you’ll be given complimentary headphones, or you decide to take your own personal device, relaxing to your favourite tunes is the perfect way to watch the world go by and drift away.

  1. Language programmes

Why not take the time to learn a new language as you travel? There are many language CDs and books that go with them to help beginners learn the lingo of where they are about to visit. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to practise once you get there.

  1. Write in a diary

Why not write a journal of your experiences while you’re travelling? It will help you to remember everything when you return home and is a great way to identify places in the photos you take.

Surviving the freezing temperatures of the Arctic

When it comes to surviving in the cold weather animals have adapted to this much better than we have as humans in terms of their physical make up. We have developed intellectually, which is why we are seen as the most advanced mammal that there is on the planet. This means that rather than having to adapt the way that our bodies work or seek shelter we have actually created the technology like of Boiler repair Gloucester companies such as in order to be able to manipulate the environment around us to be more pleasing temperature. If we are cold we simply turn up the heating and if we are warm some people have access to air conditioning or we simply open the windows and use fans in the room.

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Here are some animals that have adapted in order to survive in the cold temperature of the Arctic region.

Musk Oxen – probably the largest mammal in the Arctic area the Oxen also have thick, long dark hair across the entirety of their bodies. Unlike the hair on our body their hairs are actually hollow in the middle.This helps to trap air next to body which in itself acts as a insulator for keeping their bodies warm. When the extreme cold temperature arise you will find the oxen in groups, huddling together to share their body warmth.

Arctic Hare – Much like most of the animals that you will find in this region the arctic hare has thick hare across its body which helps to protect it against some of the cold temperatures but in order to keep warm they will huddle together in large groups and it is not unheard of to see nearly a hundred hares all grouped together to share their body heat with one another. The colour of their fur also means that they can camouflage themselves against the snowy backdrop away from their many predators.

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Lemmings – we aren’t talking about the little green men who are trying to find their way home in the popular game of the same name. Lemmings are small creatures that live in the Arctic region. They are adapted to dealing with the freezing temperatures as they have long, thick fur and they burrow underneath the snow into the ground in order to keep warm during the winter seasons. The snow acts as an insulator keeping the tunnels surprisingly warm for the lemmings to survive in all year round.

Why OH Needs to Be Made More Accessible to SMEs

Occupational health is an important matter for everyone, and many professionals are now calling for the government to do more to help small and medium-sized companies provide these vital health services to their employees.

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Most people don’t work for an organization that offers OH. In fact, only around one tenth of people are able to access an OH physician through their company either internally or via a third party. When it comes to accessing any kind of OH, around 38% of people are able to gain access to general OH services.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) reveals that two out of five small businesses do not know enough about OH. Many of the people surveyed relied only on the NHS for their knowledge about workplace health. However, the government also has advice available online to help companies learn more about OH.

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Difference Between Sectors

The sector people work in has an impact on whether or not they can get access to OH services. In fields such as social care and healthcare, people are more likely to have access to OH. In other areas such as manufacturing, technology or retail, OH is less likely to be an option for employees. Location is less important than sector. When considering occupational health Gloucester is as likely as other cities to have companies struggling with OH services.

Small businesses want to be able to help their staff with OH services, but many don’t know how. If a staff member is off work for a long time with illness, it can cause a problem in the business. This is why OH is so important from a business point of view, as well as from the employee perspective. When looking for services related to occupational health Gloucester has many options.

Ways to Improve OH Provision

There are many ways to improve OH services among SMEs. One way is for the government to give tax breaks to SMEs that provide OH services. Awareness also needs to be improved at all levels. Larger companies could also be encouraged to offer their OH services to SMEs via a supply chain network in exchange for some benefit. There also needs to be proper research into OH service options for the self-employed, including cash benefits to help self-employed people through any spells out of work.

What is the best way to store firewood?

On cold winter evenings there is no better comfort than a warming log fire. Wood burners and indoor stoves have increased in popularity over recent years and it is not hard to see why.

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Preparation is key to having your firewood ready for burning when the temperature drops. With the right planning it needn’t be an issue.

For those new to burners, there are regulations to consider when installing a stove and guidance can be found here, although a reputable installer will deal with those for you. Other considerations for your wood include: building up a store, outdoor housing and stacking, and indoor storage.


Whatever the time of year, it’s worth building up a log store ready for when it’s needed. Ideally, you want an easy trip outside each time you restock your indoor supply as firewood logs are heavy. So it can make the haul of logs far simpler if your outdoor wood store has easy access to your door, preferably by keeping it as close as possible to your house.

When storing firewood outside, stacking is essential. Even if stored undercover from the elements, any moisture that builds up within piles of wood can lead to rotting and decay – not the best for indoor burners as this will create additional smoke even if it does catch alight!

Aside from the risk of rot, stacking piles of wood without adequate ventilation creates a perfect environment for insects, many of which will add to the decay of wood.

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For transporting firewood indoors, a log carrier or wheelbarrow is advisable – not only to make the load easier to carry, but also to prevent bark and debris leaving a trail along your route. Once indoors the extra wood for future burning can be used as a feature alongside a fireplace or stove surround, adding even more character to the rustic, cosy feel of the burner.

A metal log holder such as these metal log holders is often more practical for both cleaning and fire-resistance. There are many styles of metal log holder to match the size and available space around your burner.

With the right storage and transporting, the work needed to restock your firewood supply will be minimal and the act of collecting, storing and chopping firewood becomes an enjoyable task.


A Guide to Cats’ Eyes on the Motorway

The first cats’ eyes were invented in Halifax, England, in 1933. The entrepreneur Percy Shaw designed it as a cast-iron and rubber housing that holds a reflective glass sphere. The different materials are specifically engineered for a variety of functions.

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Current Road Application

The cat’s eyes’ metal part that has an audible sound when cars pass over it protects the eye. The rubber clears off the reflective glass when it is pushed down. The main advantage is the retroreflective design, which means the light is redirected back toward the source to optimise visibility while cars are travelling down the road. This not only offers adequate directional focus but increases road safety, especially when travelling through foggy or low-light conditions. And 2017 it was estimated that the UK has a staggering 500 million cats’ eyes on its roads.

Today, with Chevron kits and new versions of cats’ eyes you find they are predominantly solar-powered. It replaces the retroreflective glass with energy powering LED lights. Modern-day cats’ eyes have different uses and meanings with many colours as well. At the same time can you get chevron kits that safeguard your car as well as improving road safety.

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Standardised Safety

Across Europe the uses are standardised, including:

White – is used to mark islands and lanes and in the road centre. It’s a colour you will see the most in the UK.
Green – often marks minor side road and leaving or joining slip roads at exits, entrances and junctions.
Blue – mainly for police to monitor passing traffic and to park at slip roads and emergency pull-offs.
Red – found along a motorway hard shoulder.
Yellow – found along the median or edge of the central road

In the UK cats’ eyes are extremely popular – probably because there is so much fog in many parts. But they are not the only solution for motorists. Vehicle chevrons kits as designed and manufactured by and trapezoidal chevron designs are found on many roads and places to warn motorists.

However, specific colour-coded chevrons and lights have different meanings from one place to another. This is especially true when you get reversible variants and less-common colours. The main benefit though is that cats’ eyes are very beneficial at night and guide you through certain road conditions ahead such as re-joining a motorway.

Banging floor fillers guaranteed to get you up.

Nightclubs, family parties, Weddings or just a night out somewhere usually means that you will be face to face with the disco dance floor at some point. There will always be one song that calls to you, or it’s your Nan nagging you to get up and make some shapes on the floor, even if those shapes turn out or be rather badly executed shifting parallelograms. A visit to Cheltenham Nightclubs is always fun and these tunes are considered to be some of the most outstanding over the years, in no particular order. You don’t even need to be under any influence to get up and shake your money maker or anything else for that matter.

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  1. Tease Me by Chaka Demus and Pliers. Bringing the Caribbean to a Romford Engagement party was this chunky favourite. Pliers (away from his plumbing job presumably) is laying down a bass for Chaka to pop in the cheekily written lyrics. Usually the song that gets Paul from Parts suggestively gyrating around a surprisingly receptive Diane from reception.
  2. Twistin’ the night away by Sam Cooke. A wildly rotating dance song that will have a hundred hips pop and protest as people who were 21 in 1962 suddenly forget they are now 78. The song that sees Aunt Joan give it a few minutes then needs a Gin to recover.

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  1. Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads.  Proof, if proof is needed, that the lyrics and sentiment of song  mean nothing on the dancefloor and just the fact you can walk around waving your arms to this is justification enough.
  2. Dancing Queen by Abba. By any measure any Abba song seems to get people on the floor. The classy Swedes seem to have become the poster band for the seventies even if you aren’t young and sweet and only seventeen anymore.
  3. Hey Ya by Outkast. Probably the only time that anyone over the age of 65 will ever try and dance to hip hop. The sight of 25 people of mixed ages shaking an imaginary photo will stay with you even if you’re not involved.
  4. Love train by The O’Jays. When this comes on it seems to be the go ahead for a pseudo-conga line when someone shouts “Love train! Woo woo!” and starts moving their hands like a locomotive. Everyone is then expected to couple up onto the “Love train” and snake around the room.
  5. I Will survive by Gloria Gaynor. It will take all the strength you have not to fall apart and start moving to this one.

What to see in Windsor?

Windsor is a beautiful area of England, very close to London, and there are some incredible attractions to see. Next time you book into one of the Windsor Meeting Rooms why not add the following to your sight-seeing list for when your meeting has finished!

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Windsor Castle

The beautiful castle dates back to the 11th Century and was originally founded by William the Conqueror. It is thought to be the largest and the oldest currently inhabited castle in the entire world. It is essentially a weekend getaway location for the Queen and the rest of the royal family and in 2018 it was the venue for the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. A tour of the castle is a must if you are in the area.

Windsor Great Park

Covering an impressive 4,800 acres this beautiful park has some incredible connections with those of royalty and nobility. A three-mile-long walk known as ‘The Long Walk’ takes you through a beautiful tree lined path from the statue of George III right up to the gates if Windsor Castle. You could make a wonderful day trip and see both the park and castle. You will see some incredible Red deer whilst you walk through the parkland and they are incredibly friendly so don’t be surprised if they all pose for a photograph!


If you are looking for a family day out or perhaps you want to immerse yourself in the world of Lego that you remember as a child, then Legoland in Windsor is a definite must-see attraction. Taken from the style of the original Legoland park in Denmark it houses not only some incredible displays but also rides and attractions galore. There really is something for everyone at the site.

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Whilst you are on your travels around Windsor why not pop along and take a look at the magnificent buildings of Eton College. You will find this just across the Thames from the main Windsor area. Many royals and upper-class boys have attended Eton and have gone on to work in high profile roles in government and most notably as the Prime Minister of the country.

There are many other sites to enjoy in Windsor and a trip to the area will see you enjoying some of the great landscapes and historical sites that we have here in the UK.

Physical health benefits of walking

When it comes to improving your fitness levels for both your physical and mental health, walking can be a great place to start. If you are looking for inspiration from others then look no further than who is on an incredible walking and running journey and is also one of the many incredible motivational speakers that you could have come along to your business or group to talk about his adventures.

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Walking has many incredible health benefits including the following:

  • Reducing your weight and body fat
  • Boosting your muscles mass and strength
  • Increasing your endurance level and stamina
  • Improving your cardiovascular fitness
  • Strengthen your bones

As a result of all of these improvements, walking can also help to reduce your risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, some cancers, osteoporosis and heart disease to name just a few.

In order to start noticing the benefits of walking you only need to start with around twenty to thirty minutes a day and this does not need to be at a fast pace. Just a leisure walk of an evening or perhaps during your lunch time at work will see you fitness levels and overall physical health start to increase.

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One of the great advantages of walking over other fitness activities is that it does not require any specific equipment, skill levels or money to be spent. It is also low impact which means that it is suitable for those just starting out on a fitness regime as well as being an activity that you can enjoy with the whole family and even your canine friends. This also makes it perfect for those who are overweight or elderly as it has a low impact on your cardiovascular system and your joints. It is also an activity that you can complete by yourself if you look forward to some time alone with your own thoughts and nature or you can join a local walking group.

Start by walking little and often, perhaps ten minutes up to three times a day during your breaks at work or think about walking the children to school rather than taking the car or walk to the local shops. You can then start to increase the amount of time you are out walking or the distance that you walk for. Before you know it you will happily be walking for longer periods of time and exploring new environments at the same time.


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