Top Things to Consider When Building Your Business Website

Top Things to Consider When Building Your Business Website

Most businesses today have a website, and the internet is one of the primary routes to market for commercial and not-for-profit organisations, regardless of which sector they work in. Whether it’s a basic brochure site or a full e-commerce platform, a website is a must for promoting your brand and product offer, providing value to customers and giving them different means of contacting you for more.

Top Things to Consider When Building Your Business Website

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So what do you need to consider when you build your website?

Relevant Content

Forget the intricacies of SEO; what you really need is timely, updated and relevant content about your business and your offer. Look to regularly review content and keep it fresh. News stories, case studies and social media links are a great way of doing this and will help to engage your audience. Fact-check content and always make sure there is a call to action and a follow-up contact point.

A Simple Layout

Most websites need to be simple and optimised for easy customer journeys. Customer-journey mapping and site architecture can be complex elements of planning before a website build and its usability, but crowdsourced software testing company like Cheltenham based can review the site for bugs and glitches to improve your customers user experience for optimal conversion rate success

Added Value

Consider what the objective of your website is before you spend time building one. Are you looking to sell online or simply inform? Do you want customers to interact with you online or to call you or book an appointment? Will you offer functionality such as account management and self-service or is this simply to be a source of basic information with a strong call to action to get in touch or carry out a next step? There is no right or wrong answer to these questions, and your decisions will very much depend on your broader business and marketing strategy.

Who Will Manage the Site?

Be very clear on ongoing arrangements for site updating and management. Without the resources to keep the site fresh, it will rapidly become outdated and be more of a liability than a business asset. If you don’t have this resource, ask yourself whether an agency could help you with retained services. This a common solution for many businesses that lack in-house capacity for technical web management.

Know Your Budget

A website build can easily accommodate any budget, so it helps to know what yours is before you start work. Simple template-driven sites on systems such as WordPress are not expensive, but custom builds with bespoke content management systems and integrated functionality and systems can be very expensive. Think about the financial implications and be clear about whether you want your website to take the place of any existing administrative functions, as costs can potentially be released and directed towards digital investment.

These are just some thoughts to get you started, but remember that a website is simply a marketing channel and route to market like any other. It needs to be invested in, updated and thought about. Businesses that succeed with their websites know exactly what role their digital assets play and spend time and energy developing them to provide a valuable route to market.

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Insurance innovation: first driverless car policy launched

Insurance innovation

With technology moving forward at an ever faster pace, it will come as little surprise to hear that the UK’s first driverless car insurance policy is now available. Insurer Adrian Flux has designed a policy to cater to car owners who have driverless features, including autopilot, ABS and self-parking, in a bid to prepare for the launch of fully driverless cars that will hit the market by 2020.

Insurance innovation

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Driverless Insurance

Manufacturers such as Volvo have announced plans to release driverless vehicles into the UK market in the next four years. While this new insurance policy is the first of its kind, countless more will soon become available as driverless features become more common. According to Gerry Bucke, general manager of Adrian Flux, more than 50% of the cars sold in the UK in 2015 featured autonomous safety technology and this trend will continue to increase, as drivers demand more from their vehicles.

Innovative Investments

Anyone interested in investing in a car with driverless features will need to do some research to see which makes and models are being recommended. Companies offering car leasing in Leicester and other big UK cities may also be able to offer useful information about different driverless models, which will likely become the norm in the coming years.

Companies such as are gearing up to provide investors with useful information about which makes and models offering this type of driverless technology are worth investing in. One example is the Nissan Infiniti Q50, which allows drivers to release their hands from the steering wheel in some circumstances.

Reducing Accidents

According to The Telegraph, the introduction of self driving cars to the UK looks set to see a huge decline in the amount of accidents on the roads. With over 90% of current fatalities on the roads caused by human error, it is hoped that the introduction of self-driving cars will reduce this high figure, to make the UK roads a far safer place to be.

It is also expected that the cost of insurance policies will be cut, as the risk of an accident will be reduced. However, some insurance providers have said that while a reduction in the amount of accidents will bring down the cost of policies, factors such as overnight parking locations will remain important.

Perfect Composure: Colour in Photographic Composition

Perfect Composure

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Consumer spending increases – and so do debt levels

Consumer spending increases

Summer is coming and our thoughts turn to shopping, or at least that’s what we can infer from figures that demonstrated spending started to increase with the arrival of warmer weather this year. The Barclaycard research indicated a 3.6 per cent rise in May’s retail activity compared with that of April.

Consumer spending increases

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Preparing for the outdoors

Happily, warmer temperatures mean less of the household budget is required for heating bills, freeing up some cash. A breakdown of the figures reveals significant growth in spending at garden centres and DIY outlets as the winter months ended and the public readied itself to spend more time outside. However, the spring atmosphere didn’t just bring fun and good news. While consumer outlay has increased, so has consumer debt.

History repeats itself

As this report from The Guardian illustrates, flashing the cash over summer on entertaining, clothing and homewares to take advantage of balmy days is not a new phenomenon. The increase in debt that accompanies warm weather purchases is a familiar story, too.

Preventative measures

While it is tempting to flash the credit card to buy a new garden setting, too many unplanned expenditures of this sort could result in unmanageable debts. One way to get liabilities under control is with an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA). With this tool, debts are repackaged into manageable payments over a set period that is negotiated in a legally binding contract. In an article on personal insolvency by the BBC, it was reported that people using this method of resolving debt were more likely to retain their homes than those who chose to declare bankruptcy.

Get help

If battling arrears that seem insurmountable, there are an array of professionals who can assist, or look at an IVA from Carrington Dean and other providers. Debt can appear catastrophic, but there are ways of taking back control over your finances.

Get organised for good times

Planning ahead can be a good option. A savings plan that means putting aside some extra cash to take care of unexpected bills or indulgences is generally a good idea. Think honestly about what summer might bring and how you want to spend this interlude, and with a little forethought, the sunniest part of the year will bring only enjoyment without a burdensome financial hangover.

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