Six Ways That Supermarkets Encourage You to Spend More

We have all headed to the supermarket with the intention of only buying the items on our list. Yet by the time we get to the checkout, the trolley is overflowing with goods we did not realise we needed. You may be relieved to hear that these extra purchases are not actually your fault but could instead be down to some clever selling from the supermarket.

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If you find your supermarket trolley frequently turning into a treasure trove of buy one, get one free deals and special offers, then read on for the six ways supermarkets are encouraging us to spend more.

Eye-Level Promotions

These clever deals are often situated at your eye-level as you stroll around the supermarket, meaning you are likely to be attracted to them. Recognise this tactic and you will be much less likely to be duped!

Free Samples

Of course you want to try that tasty sample, but if you enjoy it, you are certain to go and make the purchase to enjoy at home.

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Trolley Size

The size of your supermarket trolley can influence how much you buy. The bigger the trolley, the more you will fill it. Instead of going for the biggest trolley on offer, something smaller from will be much better at helping you only buy what you need.

Shop Layout

The design and the layout of the supermarket can have a big effect on shopping choices. According to an article by Which, the size of the aisles and even the colours used in store can affect your decisions.

It Is Only 99p

It is the oldest trick in the book. Instead of one pound, the item is only 99p. Straight away you are making a saving, even if it is only one penny.

Till-Based Offers

You have finished your shop and made it to the checkout, but the supermarket is not done with you yet. There are plenty of offers around the till to tempt you to throw that final chocolate bar or drink into your trolley.

Next time you head to the supermarket, remember to pay attention to the number of ways the shop is trying its best to get you to spend a bit of extra cash. Perhaps next time you will not be caught out!

What care help do I need to pay for?

Life is constantly changing, as are our needs as individuals. It comes as no surprise that at stages in our lives, we may require assistance to be able to live independently and remain in our homes, where we feel comfortable and at our best.

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Times like these are daunting without the right support in place, and it’s important to make informed decisions with the right information at your fingertips. Luckily, there is some funding available to many through the NHS, which may help with items such as grab rails and useful appliances designed to make our lives a little easier.

Live-in carer

For some people, live in carers may be a possibility. If this is the route you’re taking, it is very important that your choice of organisation offering live in carers is well researched. Sharing your home with someone should not be taken lightly, and you must feel as comfortable with them as you can under your newly found circumstances.


Whilst you may be able to claim some assistance financially from the government with this live-in option, it is also essential to note that it does come at a cost and you will need to look into your funding options and choose which package is best suited to you and your circumstances at home.

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A site like is a useful source of information where you can look at the various option available to you or your loved one and make an informed decision when the time is right for you and your family. Having a live-in carer can actually work out to be less expensive than you think and may be a cheaper option than a care home.

Not only would you be able to live as independently as possible in your home, but you could keep your beloved pets, continue to enjoy your favourite meals when you want them and have family and friends stay whenever it suits you. You would be able to continue living in the lifestyle to which you are already accustomed.

The NHS offer some good advice about what questions to ask when deciding on your chosen carer.

You can’t put a price on your dignity or your independence, so it’s essential to choose to be kind to yourself and seek the additional support required.

A simple guide to the happiness trend of Hygge

For the last few years, Denmark has been the happiest or one of the happiest countries in the world. The Danish attribute their happiness to Hygge.

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What Is Hygge?

Hygge, (pronounced hoo-gah) is a word that can loosely be translated as ‘being in a state of cosiness or comfort’. Think of sitting by the fire with some treats, and that’s hygge. The word’s origin is Norwegian, but the Danes have made it their own. While hygge is a verb, hyggeligt is used to describe something that helps you achieve hygge. In Denmark, it’s a great compliment to say to your host that your evening with them was hyggeligt.

How Can I Create Hygge?

Meik Wiking, a Danish expert on happiness and author of ‘The Little Book of Hygge’, explains that the elements that go into creating hygge are quite simple.

Treating yourself is the key – food and drink that hyggeligt include cake, coffee and sweets. Lighting plays an important part – particularly light from candles.

Warm decor and wooden flooring helps make a home hyggeligt. Natural colours and textures for the soft furnishings, coupled with white, dark or black laminate flooring are good ways of creating the effect. You also want to ensure that during the colder months your home is warm and cosy as this adds to an overall sense of wellbeing. You can achieve this by having an Electric Underfloor Heating Gloucestershire company such as put inn flooriing that will provide warmth froom beneath your feet. Having lots of pillows and blankets around can also help to create this cosy feel and are especially useful in the evenings when you can curl up underneath them with the family and watch a film together or perhaps each immerse yourself in the world of your favourite books. Spending time together as a family is invaluable, especially as your children are growing up.

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But hygge isn’t just about cocooning yourself in a cosy spot. The best way to hygge is with your family or friends, indoors or outdoors. It’s about achieving the state of cosiness – physically, socially and emotionally. It is thought that this can help to improve both your mental and physical health as a feeling of safety and warmth can help with a number of conditions such as anxiety and depression as it allows you the space to then work on what is making you feel this way. The Danes, it seems, have got it right.

Some of the best accessories for your mobility scooter

Seat and Control Panel Covers

Whether the scooter is used lightly or heavily, protecting the seat and control panel is a wise move. Therefore, buying a scooter seat cover and control panel cover is a perfect and affordable way to provide protection for your scooter, so it’s ready to be used in all weather conditions. It also protects against any daily wear that use is likely to bring!

Mobility scooters are a considerable investment and you want to be able to enjoy the ride, so a waterproof cover for the seat to keep it nice and dry is ideal for maximum comfort. For Mobility Scooters Bristol, visit a site like Pearce Bros, a dedicated Mobility Scooters Bristol supplier.

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Storage Cover

When you’re not using your scooter, you’ll want to protect properly from the elements and outside contamination. Of course, it’s a good idea to keep your scooter clean with a good spruce up every now and again, but a storage cover will prevent this from becoming a daily task!

Tiller Accessory Pack

A scooter’s tiller is one of the most heavily used parts, containing the handles and control panel. If this becomes damaged, you won’t be able to get around! So, it is very important that you protect your scooter control as best you can to avoid any issues. A good protective device is an accessory package designed for the tiller, which is equipped with a handy storage bag, transparent cover with Velcro strips for extra safety, basket liner and cover to ensure the contents dry!

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Walking Stick Bag

The standard accessory package might feature a storage bag, but it is not normally the most generous! This is why a walking stick or crutch bag is a useful accessory to have. This bag is specially designed to fit behind a wide range of mobility scooters (and wheelchairs), providing you with an easy way to carry your shopping or other important objects.

Lined Poncho

Whilst busy looking after our scooter’s, it’s important to remember to protect ourselves as well. We all know the unpredictability of the British weather, but it is still important to shelter themselves from the rain, whether it’s a light shower or a total deluge! A poncho for the scooter is a sensible accessory choice, covering the whole of you when you need it most. The poncho is 100% waterproof and fully lined with a snug-fitting hood and neck to make you warm and comfortable.

Utilities Ramp

If you are organising a holiday or a visit to family, easy accessibility for you and your mobility scooter is the key to a stress-free trip! Therefore, a ramp is highly important, so you do not need to be concerned about possible obstacles that might crop up during your trip away.

Making your garage greener

Increasingly, homeowners are looking at ways to make their property a lot more environmentally friendly and are showing a commitment to consistently living a green lifestyle. Each of us can do our bit to help the planet. Most people do not think about their garage when looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, but there are a lot of opportunities here and just a few small changes can make our garage space become a little greener! Here we explore how you can make your garage greener:

Change the bulbs

If there is one area in your home at least that can be updated with energy saving lights, it is your garage. The lights in the garage use more energy than you think and ideally should be enabled by energy-efficient LED lights to save energy and money.

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Protect your garage door

Many existing older garage doors are weak and not very well designed. However, a garage door that is designed well and comes with plenty of insulation will prevent the continual loss of heat from your garage. To stop outside air from leaking into the garage and into the house attached, it is recommended that you use a garage door with an R-value between 13 to 18%, whereas the majority come with only a value of between 5 to 7%. Closing up any potential gaps will mean your home can become much greener.

Buy a new garage door

The quickest and simplest way to make your garage more environmentally friendly is to purchase an updated one. A new door with the latest materials, technology and increased insulation. For Garage Doors Essex, visit a site like Lime BDS, top Garage Doors Essex suppliers.

Better safe handling of hazardous substances

Everyday substances that you can store in your garage such as pesticides, car fluids, paint and anti-freeze all can harm people, pets and the environment. Cleaning the racks of unused hazardous materials can make your garage safer, allowing you to find items more quickly and dispose of it properly, helping to make the world a safer place as well.

The use of energy efficient building and decoration materials

If you are building a new garage, then you should research the right ingredients to make your garage environmentally friendly. Everything from solar panels to window better-insulated garage windows can make you more environmentally friendly in no time at all.

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Conserve water when washing your car

An often-overlooked way to be greener includes collecting rainwater in rain barrels that are connected to your gutters. This water can then be used to wash your car, for example, or clean the patio or hose down your dog after a walk! This saves wasting clean drinking water.


The importance of scaffolding design

Discovering the best solution for scaffolding is a vital element in the majority of construction projects and normally that scaffolding needs to be designed. This needs to be carried out by specialists who understand the unique requirements of each location. So, what are the key things to think about when getting a scaffold design?

Accuracy is paramount

Scaffolding design from the leading companies takes advantage of the latest technology – from CAD software to wind load analysis and framing analysis. Using the latest software packages allows designers to create far more accurate designs but remains limited by the quality and accuracy of the information provided to the designer. The more accurate the information, the more accurate the scaffolding designs will be. For Scaffolding Essex, visit a site like

Adequate preparation

The design of scaffolding is crucial to ensure that every job has a structure that is tailored to the exact nature of the work site and the work itself, as well as safety measures for avoiding legal or compliance issues. Before the scaffold designers began working on the design, they should be made aware of any barriers, doors or access routes that must be kept clear.

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There may also be another problem regarding the location of the scaffolding they need to be aware of underground issues, or nearby railway lines or road foundations. The designer should have a good understanding of any such things in the area where the scaffolding is required; probably a good idea to consider a set designer for visiting the site so they can more easily visualize the surroundings and where the scaffolding will be. There will normally be a fee for this service, but it can save time and costs in design in revisions.

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Guidelines for guardrails

Crucial for safety, guardrails help prevent falls during on going construction projects. Normally, edge protection will include a top rail, a lower rail and foot board with the upper rail at just over 1m high and the gap between the rails no more than 470mm. If the edge protection is located on pitched roofs with handrails running perpendicular to the slope of the roof, then consideration should be given to the angle of the roof. There are three different classes of edge protection for pitched roofs for a variety of field angles – each has a different set of requirements. If handrails running in the same direction of the slope is along the gable end, then it could be classified as a flat roof. Thought should also be given to how and where the edge protection will remain with permanent structures.

Working from a home office is better for you

Why do people prefer working from a home office? When you work in an office, you do not have much control over your immediate environment, from the temperature to the amount of tempting unhealthy snacks lying around. The solution? Well, you can stop going to the office.

Remote working has been proven to help your own health and ability to focus but is also beneficial to the organization as a whole. In fact, HR professionals reported that employees with flexible work arrangements often show increased commitment, engagement and performance.

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Here are some other reasons why your home office is better than your company’s office:


Offices are filled with distractions. Whether it is noisy phone calls in the cubicle next to you or constant “can you pop to this meeting” demands – it can be difficult to get the job done. This may be why people who work in open-plan offices are 15 percent less productive. In a personal office setting, you have the freedom to arrange your work in a way that you can best focus on the job in front of you. You can also treat yourself to the very best, ergonomic office furniture. For Office Furniture Bristol, consider perusing 1st Dzine, a top Office Furniture Bristol business.


Another thing that work offices are filled with? Germs – from the elevator button and the phone to people who are coughing away in tight spaces. Is it surprising that office workers take a lot more short-term sick leave? Not only do you protect yourself from germs by working from home, but it also gives you more time for your health. You can swap out that long commute and take the time to schedule an appointment with your doctor if you need to.


Of course, every job has pressure, but I’m sure you’ll have more peace of mind being in your own home than you would under the flickering fluorescent lights of your company office. Studies have shown that flexible working actually reduces stress.

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Quality of life

Working from a home office gives you more time for the people you care about and the flexibility to maintain meaningful relationships. This may mean helping out in your community, attending your child’s sports game, or just sitting down for dinner with family or friends every night. There is no travel time from the office – you can do all of this as soon as you log off your computer.

You may already have a home office – even if it’s just a kitchen table where you can set up your laptop and get to work. So, why do you need to go elsewhere to do what you can do at home?


All of the above add up to sustainable happiness. Your home office gives you the freedom to be available for family, friends, and other passions – while also being much more productive every day. This is better than a work-life balance, but a mixture in which work and life can exist in happily together.

Cladding – What’s it all about?

Not only can installing cladding on a property completely change the look of the it, but it also has a big impact on performance and how much maintenance you have to commit to.

Cladding serves multiple purposes. It protects the walls from the weather, adds a layer of insulation and, equally as important, is one of the key ways of shaping the overall aesthetics of a building. Read more

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