The Evolution of Plastic Surgery


Many people think of plastic surgery as a relatively new science but, in fact, some ancient medical treatments for the correction of injuries and deformities have been recorded, and these form the basis of plastic surgery as we know it today.


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The First Plastic Surgeons

As long ago as 3000 BC, repair of broken noses was carried out by the Ancient Egyptians, and similar techniques were also followed in India from around 800 BC when reconstruction of damaged noses was undertaken. In Rome, techniques for repairing damaged organs such as ears were developed from as early as the first century BC.

In the West, doctors such as Joseph Constantine Carpue, an English surgeon, travelled to India to learn about their plastic surgery methods, and the first major plastic surgery in Europe was performed in 1815. Before the introduction of anaesthesia, such operations were painful, and the risks involved in surgery on the face and head meant that plastic surgery did not become popular in Europe until around the nineteenth or twentieth century.

With the introduction of disinfectants and sterile techniques, surgery became much safer, and the development of the first antibiotics such as sulphonamides and penicillin meant that plastic surgery could be planned and carried out much more safely.

Modern techniques in Plastic Surgery

During both the first and the second world wars the disfiguring injuries sustained by service personnel have contributed to the development of modern techniques in plastic surgery. Sir Harold Gillies, a New Zealand surgeon working in London, worked on many new techniques in World War One. He was responsible for setting up a dedicated facial injury ward which later became a new facial repair hospital in Sidcup. According to documents from the Royal Free Hospital in London, probably some of the most significant advances in plastic surgery occurred at this time.

Later, in the 1930s, Archibald McIndoe, Gillies’ cousin, joined his practice and was responsible for developing further plastic surgery techniques for the treatment of severe facial injuries and for helping disfigured servicemen to become reintegrated into society. Some of McIndoe’s patients at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Sussex became the “Guinea Pig Club” which had some very well known members such as the comedy actor, Jimmy Edwards.

Plastic Surgery Today

Plastic surgery can include both reconstructive and cosmetic operations, and whilst surgery for repair of abnormalities caused by birth defects, disease or injury is normally carried out by health service surgeons, cosmetic surgery is not usually available through the NHS. Many appearance enhancing procedures are available and operations such as breast enhancement, facelifts and nose reshaping are available to help increase self confidence and improve your appearance. For people who are looking for a tummy tuck or, more properly, abdominoplasty Essex has practitioners who will be able to provide this procedure.

Plastic surgery has advanced over recent years, and has become more popular than ever as a way of gaining the features or body shape that you want. There are even other forms of minor body alterations now being performed more than ever. are an established Bristol tattoo removal clinic that can wipe away those inky mistakes.  It is estimated that around nine out of ten cosmetic procedures are performed on women, and your surgeon will be happy to discuss the procedure in detail before you decide if surgery is right for you.

Getting Started with eBay


Running an eBay store is a great way to make a second income, and some people even manage to turn it into a sustainable full-time job. What many people don’t realize, however, is that running an online store requires just as much due diligence as running a bricks-and-mortar store. Margins can be thin, and there are a huge number of sellers in almost every niche.


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A lot of people try dropshipping as a way to make money online without having to worry about holding stock and handling order fulfilment. However, there are a lot of challenges associated with this, and eBay frowns on dropshippers, preferring store owners to have the stock in their hands before they list the products – for many reasons.

The eBay Marketplace Is Competitive

The eBay marketplace is very competitive, and it will take some research to figure out what is really popular on the site and which listings languish untouched. Once you have an idea of what is popular, you can start to shop around for reliable suppliers, and look at things such as Buy It Now listings, shipping fees and product descriptions. What are the best sellers doing to make their products so popular?  Think of the product range that you intend to sell and check out your competition.  Take office desks before you decide to sell them take a look at other prices available online from suppliers like then figure out if the margins left will justify the sale.  If not find an alternative.

Making Your Store Stand Out

Once you have found a niche that is competitive, the next challenge is to secure customers. While there are some buyers who are purely price-conscious, many people will pay a little extra to purchase something from a store that they feel they can trust, and your eBay store design will have a big impact on how those customers perceive you.

If you are selling goods that cost more than a few pounds, then hiring a company to put together an attractive store front for you makes a lot of sense. If your design is consistent across every listing and reflects the demographic that you are trying to reach, then you will find it a lot easier to attract customers.

Sometimes, buyers are willing to pay extra for faster delivery or to a seller that will ship to a postal locker instead of their home address. Use these things, as well as a great-looking design, to differentiate yourself from the competition and you will have a better chance of being a successful seller.

How to Protect a Small Business Against Targeted Attacks


As a small business owner, you live by a few simple philosophies; in your world, the customer is still always right, you treat your employees like family and most importantly, you know you’re a rather small fish in a big pond, so your risk of cybercrime is virtually non-existent. Unfortunately for you, it’s estimated that 72 percent of all reported cyber-attacks are targeted at businesses with 100 employees or less. Cybercriminals are banking on small business owners’ naiveté; instead of becoming another unfortunate statistic, learn about the few ways to protect your company from targeted attacks. Read more

How to Choose an IT Support Provider


Many businesses and organizations rely on information technology (IT) systems for everyday tasks. While IT systems are usually designed to be reliable, it’s essential to make sure that one has a proper IT support provider. The following article provides simple tips and tricks on how to choose an IT support provider. Read more

Enjoy Great Health with Green Juices


Most of us are know we should eat at least five different types of fruit and veg a day, but hectic lifestyles can make reaching that goal day in, day out, a challenge.


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The good news is that a tasty solution is available, one which involves pulverising crisp, fresh (low calorie) green veggies into a deliciously drinkable state. Whether you choose to start the day with a glass of the green stuff, or pop it into a cool-flask for a mid-afternoon energy boost, it’s never been easier to get your daily dose of essential vitamins.

Surely Not Sprouts?

Banish memories of soggy canteen cabbage and boiled to death sprouts, most other uncooked green vegetables actually lend themselves very well to juicing; with kale, Swiss chard, spinach and celery being the most popular. Some recipes even include add-ins like apple, cucumber or pineapple to create a palatable balance, and yes, they still count very much as ‘green’.

Genuine Health Benefits?

Most definitely, as the veggies retain all those wonderful vitamins and minerals even when mushed and blitzed into a drinkable consistency. The only possible drawback is the potential loss of fibre, which we need to keep some below the waist functions moving smoothly.

To avoid this Iona Taylor, a registered dietician, advises using a regular (powerful) blender rather than a juicing machine to make the smoothies, as this way the fibre is not lost in the process.

For an additional health boost Aloe Vera juices, (preferably from the plant leaves) can be added to a green smoothie for a range of fabulous health benefits, including clear skin, smooth digestion, a calmer immune system, and stable blood sugar.

Striving for a Healthier Lifestyle?

The internet is the greatest, easiest way to stay up to date with news, tips and inspiration related to healthy living and eating. Numerous websites like can make it easy to stay informed. There are also lots of websites with green smoothie recipes for you to try, which is worth doing, as boredom could put you off maintaining this great habit.

You may never have imagined yourself enjoying green vegetables in a drink form, but you soon develop the taste for these smoothies, and the benefits for your health, skin and general well being make a green smoothie a day a habit worth having.

How to Build Your Small Business Online


These days, an online presence is vital to any business. Whether it’s a large corporation or a small family business, a well-developed website and a social media presence will help to boost any brand. Here are some hints and tips to help you get started.


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1. Be Available to Your Customers

With the growth of Twitter and Facebook, companies now have the opportunity to interact with their customers on a one-to-one level. Twitter is a great facility to promote your small business among the local community and the wider world. Twitter is also a way for customers to complain if they have any problems, and it enables you to answer them and resolve the issue. A recent BBC article addressed the value of complaining via Twitter and explained that a positive solution to complaints made on Twitter can increase a brand’s popularity among its customers.

2. Get a Great Website

Clients searching for your company online will expect to find a professional-looking website with client testimonials and a wealth of information about your brand. It is important that this information is clear and well presented. is a great tool for entrepreneurs who need some help and advice when it comes to getting started online.

3. Get Clients and Build Your Brand

Handling business online can be tricky. Lots of work is done remotely, and therefore online businesses don’t benefit from sharing local contacts. It is important to build your brand online – not only to increase your company’s visibility and online presence, but to cover yourself for any losses. Glasgow website designers Media Design Associates, suggest ‘never over expose yourself by relying too heavily on a few key clients’. The more clients you have, the more popular your website will be and the higher you will come in search engine results.

4. Think About Multimedia

These days, many businesses are expected to present an interactive experience on their website and social media accounts. YouTube videos, Instagram pictures, blog posts – these will all help to boost interest in your company. If you can offer something fun, interesting or informative, it will help your business to stand out from the crowd.

These hints and tips should help your small business to grow and flourish online.

Knowing 5 Tips For Effective Video Marketing


5 Tips For Effective Video Marketing

• Provide testimonials

Everybody knows that testimonials are gold when it comes to selling your product. Well, video testimonials are platinum. Video testimonials work better because we can see the customer. We can see their face, we can see how excited they are for the product. We can see how thankful they are for the product. Video testimonials add credibility because they are harder to fake. Anybody can write a great sounding testimonial, add a name of the ‘customer’, and put it up on their site. With a video testimonial, the person on screen helps other viewers relate. And once you can relate with a potential customer, it’s a whole lot easier to sell to them. Read more

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