(NaturalNews) Smartphones continue to evolve, becoming more and more like micromanagement devices in the process. These devices absorb information like a sponge, building a profile on their user, information that can easily be breached by third parties. Using GPS technology, these…


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Could it be that relationship drama and preoccupations are starving your own life of joy and possibilities? It’s time to find out.

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Tornado bombers from Britain's Royal Air Force have carried out their first attacks against the Islamic State in Iraq, according to the Ministry of Defense. Journalist John Wight believes…
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If you’ve ever felt compelled to take another bite, despite feeling full, the problem may not be a lack of self control. In fact, the issue may not even be with you at all as it’s very likely that an excitotoxin is the culprit. These non-essential amino acids stimulate or “excite” the umami or savory taste buds making food seem more flavorful than it really is. These compounds are abundant in most processed foods and restaurant meals, and many people are unknowingly consuming these compounds in large amounts on a daily […]

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The day that many of us hoped would never arrive is here.  Ebola has come to America.  Air travel between the United States and the countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone should have been totally shut down except for absolutely essential personnel but it wasn’t.  And now our nation may end up paying a [...]
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