The different types of demolition methods

There are times when maintaining a property is not worth more effort. When a building has more issues than you can count on your fingers, it could well be the right time to consider demolishing and starting again. Savvy property owners know better than to keep a building which only serves as a drain on their bank account. It’s important to know that there are two types of demolition: complete and partial demolition. The former, as the name suggests, refers to destroying the entire structure completely. Meanwhile, the partial demolition involves destroying some parts of the building while keeping the basics to make room for renovations. Read more

Different Types of Care

There are many options for people looking for care. So much so, that it can feel overwhelming. The first step is to work out exactly what type of care is required. By understanding the different types of treatments available, you’ll find it easier to work out a treatment plan that suits you or your loved one. Read more

What does alcohol do to the body

The impact of alcohol on the body starts from the moment the first sip is taken. Nobody should worry about the odd glass of wine with a meal every now and then but frequent drinking can have a cumulative effect with negative implications. A couple of glasses a day can do some harm to your health. However, if the habit increases or if someone finds they can’t stop after just one glass, the health effects can accumulate. Read more

It’s 5.05 and time for More school

After a hard day’s graft at school watching the Essex Asbestos company removing all the problems from the ceilings so we didn’t get ill, the British Broadcasting Company knew exactly what I wanted to see.  I would come home and slump myself down on the sofa. My head full of algebra and English lit. What then could I watch to take my mind off the last 5 hours. I know, how about more school in the shape of Blue Peter. Maybe it was the presenter. I grew up with the tail end of the great John Noakes. He and Shep were moving on to meatier tales travelling around Britain. They replaced them with Simon Groom and Goldie, a man with the all the personality of two brass door knockers that he once showed us on the programme. At least Goldie was good value, she tried to attack the gold fish in the Blue Peter sunken garden. The other was Janet Ellis is just seemed to be the offspring of Valiere Singleton. The producers obviously thought “right, well, having a posh sounding jolly hockey sticks kind “gell” worked out lets just have another one”. “Don’t you think we should make her a little bit modern?”, “Alright stick her in a jumpsuit from time to time that will do”. Read more

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