10 tips for the design of a website

10 tips for the design of a website

The Web site is your window to the virtual world, for a company is like the window of his shop, the exterior facade, the main entrance to their offices and the area where it serves customers. In the same -at Web site in the world easy to get your business, get in, ask, answer questions and be informed, and place an order or a purchase is key to the visitor is satisfied, recommended to acquaintances and return again in the future. The following tips will design a site that meets these objectives. Read more

Olympus PEN-F, a very nice and with good arguments camera for love (but not the pocket)

Olympus introduced in late January a new member in its catalog of mirrorless cameras, the Olympus PEN-F, with an exquisite design as its main attraction, but it contains very interesting and original arguments. So much so that this new model of the PEN series is different, so the rest of the Japanese manufacturer, and the rest of what we find on the market. Especially, to implement color adjustments like no other and controls to change filters that make it a delight to love, although not in our pocket. Read more

Fujifilm X-Pro2, still different and now with the higher image quality of the X series

Fujifilm X-Pro2

The presentation of the new Fujifilm X-Pro2 was made with great fanfare taking advantage of the fifth anniversary of the series X. A long – awaited renovation and surrounded by growing rumors in the weeks that ultimately confirmed the big bet the Japanese manufacturer with a new member. In this case premiering new sensor and resolution, continuing a great hybrid viewfinder as a personal feature of this model, plus substantial improvements add that beyond the paper had to test thoroughly. Read more

13 monitors with which you can enjoy your favorite games like never

Computers are still a very appealing option to enjoy video games, despite the popularity of consoles. In fact, a computer to the latest frequently offers better graphics in the multiplatform titles last generation consoles. Of course, if we want to make the most of our favorite titles it is imperative that we become a graphic at least decent card, and also with a monitor that guarantees a minimum quality of the image. Read more

Initiative as one of the keys to success

Initiative as one of the keys to success

Human success and initiative always go hand in hand, and in particular, this applies to business activities. Look the part on the initiative of people – it’s always a person energetic, possess the will to create, easy to express their ideas and, at the same time, ready to bear for their implementation and consequences of personal responsibility (which distinguishes them from simple “dreamers” who can talk a lot, but few do). Read more

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