Ho Ho Ho – Santa Claus is coming to London

It’s that wonderful time of the year, the time that turns Oxford Street into an expedition for only the bravest of festive shoppers, where people stampede over one another in the fight for the best yuletide gifts – which you can end up spending eye watering amounts on if you are not careful! So, whether you live or work in London, or just fancy a visit to the capital, take a bit of time out, sit back, relax, and remember the spirit of Christmas – Because Santa Claus is coming to town. Here are some of the best places to go and visit the big man himself!

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London Zoo – Combine visiting the good old Saint Nick with a trip to the zoo – perfect if you want to make a day out of it, and have animal loving children who are fed up with being dragged around the shops! Not only is Santa himself there, but he has also brought his reindeer along with him. For an extra special visit, you can book a breakfast with Santa before the zoo opens, and have the opportunity to spend time with the reindeer, before spending the day exploring the zoo.

Boat Trip with Santa – If you want to combine sightseeing with Santa-seeing this is for you. The boat cruises down the river Thames taking in London’s iconic landmarks along the way. Santa will be on the boat, bearing gifts for the kids, and parents will get a mince pie and glass of mulled wine!

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Museum of London – If it is history that the kids are into, this is the perfect place. You will find Santa in his Victorian themed grotto, set in a magical Victorian street. This one is really popular so you definitely need to book it. The museum itself is a great place to take the kids for the day and will offer you refuge from the bust pandemonium on the streets outside!

Royal Albert Hall – There is an exclusive children’s’ tour of this amazing building on in December. This is good for little ones – from the ages of 2 years old. It lasts one hour, which is enough to keep them entertained, but not too long that they will get tired or bored. Children, helped by a knowledgeable Victorian doorkeeper, follow clues along the journey to discover Santa in his grotto!

WWT London Wetland Centre – Enjoy the great outdoors within the city and meet Santa and some special guests. Santa has come to the wetland centre with a team of adorable huskies, and is offering rides to all the good boys and girls who visit! London SEO agency, Elevate UK in nearby Putney, might see you streak by on the festive sleigh! Afterwards, enjoy a magical wintry walk along the lakes and meadows, and put the Christmas shopping far behind you!

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Movies we grew up with

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Automotive industry heralds growth for composite bonding adhesives market

Customer preference and government regulations on vehicle emissions are driving the demand to develop composite materials in the automotive industry. On-going cost reductions in the manufacture of these materials have further increased their usage. Alongside these improvements, there have been advances in the development of composite bonding adhesives. This article will explore why the requirement for composite materials is growing.


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According to a representative at the Adhesives and Sealant Council there is huge potential for strong growth of composite materials in the automotive industry. This would signal a similar growth in the adhesive and sealant market to meet the demand.

What are the advantages of these materials over the more traditional steel and aluminium parts?

These can be summarised as follows:

Lower Weight Vehicles

Composite parts can be 25% lighter than steel and 30% lighter than aluminium. Cost savings can be made with installation, handling and, most importantly, fuel consumption.

Quieter Cars

When composite parts bonded with adhesives are introduced, cars become quieter compared with the use of metal components.

Extended Life for Cars

Composite parts are more resistant to rain and salt spray, resulting in reduced maintenance and repairs. They have greater resilience by being able to reform into their original shape without significant damage. They are good insulators and do not become brittle in colder temperatures. Composite materials undergo weld bonding which prolongs the life of many parts compared to spot welding.

Improved Appearance

Greater design options are available without loss in performance or strength.

Increased safety

Fibre-reinforced composites have low electrical conductivity and are thus an excellent option to cover electrical components.

Adhesive Advances

Composites and metal bonding adhesives such as those available at have a similar polymeric make-up, and are therefore widely compatible. Durability has also improved with the adhesives now available because stress is more widely distributed, thus avoiding the stress concentration and weak spots found with older materials.

The introduction of lighter, quieter cars with more efficient fuel emissions has great benefits for the car industry. These include an improvement in the design and performance, ultimately leading to a decrease in the end user cost and reduced environmental impact. It is anticipated that the development of adhesives will become the enabling technology for the use of composite materials in the automotive industry.

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Making Space – What would you do if you can add an extra room to your home?

We could all probably do with adding extra room to our homes – there are many ways in which you can do this. One of the ways gaining popularity is a garden room. A room that is completely separate from the rest of the house, but offers valuable indoor space, without having to go through the hassle of moving house is a great idea for a number of reasons – take a look at . If you keep a room apart from the house, it adds that ‘extra dimension’ – it is somewhere to go when someone wants a bit of alone time, or maybe space to pursue a hobby. Here are a few great uses for a new garden room:

  • Playroom – If you have a growing family, you will know all too well that it can be tricky to find the space for everything. Giving the kids a designated playroom, is a great idea – a garden room is a good for this as they can make a lot more noise in the garden than they can inside the main house! Also in the summer, open the doors up and they will have access to and from the garden – acting as a sort of giant Wendy house!


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  • Hobby Room – Yes this sounds vague, but it is great use for all sorts of hobbies – if you like to read, and don’t want distracted it makes a lovely little den – you can house books and make your own library – a haven of peace and quiet! Maybe you have a noisier hobby, like playing a musical instrument, it makes the ideal studio to practice in. An art studio is another great use for the room – if you have a pretty garden you may find it a source of inspiration!
  • Bar and Games Room – Every big boys dream! This is the ideal place to create your own lads’ area – hang a few optics on the walls, put up a dartboard, and you have your very own man cave! The best thing about this is if you have garden parties, it can be opened up and act as a garden bar, or a room where guests can go to get out of the sun (or more likely in Britain the rain!)


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  • Home Office – If you work from home, it is the ideal place to have a home office. Away from the rest of the house, you will be able to keep your work and family time separate much more easily than you would if you were working inside the house where the two things can often get in the way of each other! It makes it easier to be much more disciplined with working from home if you have a separate space to go to, and if you have kids, it can double up as a homework area in the evenings – giving them somewhere to work in peace.

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Trust me, I’m a Doctor!

If you’re a big fan of Doctor Who then you probably know that a great deal of the series is actually filmed in Cardiff! Many places that have appeared on our screens can be seen by simply taking a walk around the city. You don’t need to travel to the depths of the Universe to get a real sci-fi experience as you can now visit Cardiff’s very own Doctor Who Experience at Cardiff Bay.

The Doctor Who Experience is a chance to get behind the scenes of the world’s biggest collection of costumes, sets and props from the TV show’s past and present. This has set Cardiff firmly on the map for the world’s Doctor Who fans.


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If you have a website that could use a Doctor, try a Cardiff web designer at

Cardiff has been home to Doctor Who mania since 2005 when it returned to our screens. The iconic TARDIS is kept safe at BBC Roath Lock Studios, adjacent to the Experience.

Many areas of Cardiff have been used in various episodes and you can visit them easily. Westgate Street featured in the episode ‘Face the Raven’ and you can see the hidden entrance to a secret alleyway that the Doctor and Clara find. The shops on St Mary’s Street and Queen’s Arcade were also used as a stand in for a London department store that explodes in one episode. The National Museum of Wales has been used in several episodes. Dyffryn Gardens just outside the city have doubled for 18th century France in ‘The Girl in the fireplace’ and ‘Tooth and Claw’.

Cardiff Castle has been used for Doctor Who and the spin off series, Torchwood. Caerphilly Castle has also featured in the sci-fi classic. Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff will be recognised as home of The Hub, Torchwood’s Headquarters.

A very poignant scene in one episode between the Doctor and Rose Tyler was a real tear-jerker and occurred on the fictional Bad Wolf Bay. This was actually filmed on Southern Down Beach, a stunning sand and pebble bay at the foot of cliffs at Bridgend.

It has been said that Doctor Who could just not be filmed in London as there is nowhere near the scope of great locations that Wales has to offer. The tourist industry has benefited hugely as well with hotels offering themed breaks and tours offering glimpses of where the iconic show has filmed.

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