Can We Really Trust Public Wi-Fi?

With news of massive hacks costing large companies millions in lost revenues and fines appearing in the news quite regularly, you’re probably fully aware by now of a secret underground of career criminals called hackers who take a fiendish delight in breaking into computers and stealing sensitive information. While a few work individually, like pickpockets, many work in gangs, like the organized crime syndicates of the Mafia. Read more

An Englishman’s home is his sandcastle

Nothing is nicer than a beautiful summer day spent at one of Britain’s finest seaside resorts. The fresh, salty air, the cry of the gulls and the gentle breeze carrying arcade music and the enticing smell of fish and chips. Our seaside towns have really improved over recent years and with the hike in flight prices, have become a real alternative to a foreign break. The only thing Britain can’t guarantee is the weather. Let’s take a look of some of our best coastal gems:

Southend-on-Sea can boast the world’s longest pier with it’s own railway service and the town is perfect for a family getaway. For a mere 50p per person, you can take the Cliff Lift from the seafront to the high street. It’s over a hundred years old but don’t worry, it’s been recently restored. There are plenty of attractions to keep you entertained including a Sealife Centre, a planetarium, art galleries and museums. If you’re a local business then why not attract some extra business with a redesigned website. For Web Design Essex, visit

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Margate has been a holiday destination for hundreds of years and the classic sites are being revamped to welcome new generations of visitors. It can boast a blue flag beach and who can resist the Shell Grotto, an underground attraction of rooms and tunnels copletely decorated in seashells. If history is what you’re seeking, then take a walk along the Viking Trail which passes through a nature reserve, historical sites and takes you right to the spot where the Vikings first landed on our shores.

Weymouth is beautiful and also has a blue flag beach. There is a great mix of pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlours and many sights to see including Portland Bill Lighthouse and the Pavilion Theatre. If heights don’t bother you, then try out the Weymouth Tower which provides stunning 360 degree panoramic views across the coastline. If that’s not enough, Weymouth also sits on the Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with enough history and pre-history to leave you mesmerized.

Penzance is a bit of a journey, being the most westerly town in Cornwall but it’s mild climate means a day on the beach is assured. There is a mixture of culture and heritage that makes Penzance an enchanting destination. The Cornwall coast also offers Newquay which is considered one of the top ten beaches in the country. Popular amongst surfers, Fistral Beach in Newquay draws big crowds. Rip Curl Boardmasters, Quiksilver Skins, the UK Pro Surf Tour and the BUSA Championships all take place here so it must have some pretty awesome waves.

Mablethorpe is well worth a visit too and is great for families with young children. A must-see attraction is the Seal Sanctuary which has been treating injured marine animals since the 1970’s and maintains a high release rate after recuperation. There is a long, sandy beach, a promenade and loads of places to eat so what are you waiting for?

Drive safely this winter

With the Met Office predicting some winter storms soon, we can expect to be driving in some poor weather conditions. It always pays to remind ourselves of the best advice when it comes to conditions like fog, heavy rain and freezing temperatures. Your driving instructor will be able to guide you in how to respond to worsening weather conditions. For Driving Lessons In Wellingborough, visit Read more

7 Cheap Ways to Print Documents on Inkjet Printer

If for whatever reason, you print lots of documents on your inkjet printer. Then, you are no stranger to the fact that over time, the costs of ink and paper are simply ridiculous – even exceeding the price of your entire computer. Below is a list of the cheapest ways to print documents on your inkjet printer and save money on printing costs. Read more

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 in A Hassle Free Way

After you have selected some hit songs or Video file from YouTube, you definitely want to play this on your MP3 music player or any portable device. But most of the time a serious problem might come along that how can you plays the audio on MP3 music player or on other audio playing device. Don’t be anxious, this is as easy as your regular job, you only need YouTube to MP3 converter which is very easy available on internet. And the good thing is that most of them are free for Windows, Mac OS. But you have to choose a reliable and professional converter, by which you can get an easy access to convert from YouTube audio, music video, movie soundtrack to MP3 audio with great audio quality. Read more

How Marketing Has Changed in Recent Years

While the baseline principles of marketing have changed relatively little over the past few decades – or even centuries – the way that we implement our marketing strategies is constantly evolving. This has never been truer than it is in the modern age, when e-commerce channels and mobile phone usage have utter transformed how we connect with companies and purchase products or services from them. Read more

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