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For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m covering two questions. First, what’s the deal with really, really high uric acid levels? Assuming a person is fit with good body composition, feels good, and has no complaints, are they still worrisome? Can they still lead to gout? Maybe. Read on. And then I cover a question […]
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(NaturalNews) While studies in the past have acknowledged the role that specific foods play in mental wellness and the reduction of age induced problems such as dementia, a new study looks at the diet as a whole.The findings are a strong indicator that what you eat during midlife…

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The word “war” has an awe-inspiring affect on people.  ”It’s time for our nation to go to war.”  ”Our nation is at war!”  ”We are at war with (insert various).” The word has been made a euphemism that associates ideas like tradition, greatness, endeavor, … Continue reading

US Chimps Go After ISIS Chimps to Retake Bananas was originally published on Washington's Blog

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The never-ending, revolving door of terror bogeymen. I commend to you a most fascinating piece that highlights and details the deep-seated and internecine rudiments of the history of the latex chimera that’s been added to your horror palette. John McCain, Conductor …

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(NaturalNews) He admits that his suggestion “sounds blatantly authoritarian,” and that it “violates just about every core value we possess in a free society.” But noted transhumanist author Zoltan Istvan believes that a transnational world government body should have the power to…