(NaturalNews) Enjoy eating healthy foods like cherries, broccoli, almonds and strawberries? Consuming them is possible in large part due to bee pollination, but since their population is severely dwindling because of pesticide use and disease, many states are now paying people to…


Originally published in The Libertarian Forum, October 1982. All other news, all other concerns, fade into insignificance beside the enormous horror of the massacre in Beirut. All humanity is outraged at the wanton slaughter of hundreds of men (mainly elderly), women, and children in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila. The days of the massacre— September 16 to 18—shall truly live in infamy. There is one ray of hope in this bloodbath: the world-wide outrage demonstrates that mankind’s sensibilities have not, as some have feared, been blunted by the butcheries of the twentieth century or by watching repeated carnage … Continue reading

Given weeks to live due to stomach cancer, a 74 year old man refused mainstream medicine and instead chose wheatgrass to keep him alive and cancer-free.
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The Redacted team tries to stand their ground on an ocean paved by BP while wishing their parents were gay. Miley Cyrus's new billboard looms on the horizon, democracy gets a reboot, and Boehner…
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(NaturalNews) Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas has launched a new website that he says aims to promote more whistleblowing by government employees and serve as a sounding board that grabs the attention of politicians and policymakers.”I tell you what has helped us a whole lot…


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While we’re used to Big Macs, chicken nuggets and french fries, some McDonalds customers might be more accustomed to a bacon potato pie or a McRice burger. Here are a  Full Article »
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