Open spaces for a better quality of life, discover the before and after this vintage house that inspires us

When we try to think about a remodeling project of a house or an apartment it is very easy to go for the most common and for the easiest thing. However, this does not always turn out to be the best option if we really want this remodeling to help us improve the living conditions in our home. Of course, the financial element can play an important role that can limit our desire to change everything at home.

Today we propose this visit to a beautiful house from the mid-twentieth century that has been remodeled with great success. As we can see, the modifications have been so spectacular but the final result is truly fantastic. The house is located in the neighborhood of Bel Air in Los Angeles, United States. The project has been carried out by its owner, the artist and interior designer Christa Martín who knew that the original soul of the house had to be respected, but giving it a new life.

The result is wonderful since it conserves in its immense majority of the structure of the house. Some walls have been canceled to open the spaces, which favors the flow of light and the sense of spaciousness. To improve the clarity, the tone of the existing woods was changed to a lighter shade. It’s amazing how such a simple change greatly improves the light and warmth of a space.

At ground level, the vintage gray carpet was removed but totally uncomfortable to leave the original floor that was simply polished . The result is again, incredible. Some interior glasses were replaced by lighter ones that let you see and always allow a better luminous flow. The kitchen was one of the places that changed the most with the elimination of a bar to open it to the dining room. A modern and functional island becomes the central element while the range of colors in general has been clarified to make way for a combination of white and wood.

The final result of this remodeling has seemed charming to me and it is a good example that we can modernize, remodel and make a house much more functional without it losing its soul. In the case of this vintage house, it has managed to maintain this retro spirit with modern touches that do not break the general harmony. What do you think of this remodeling?

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