Firefox 63 will make tracking protection more obvious and block the mining of cryptocurrencies

The developers of Mozilla continue to work to make Firefox the leading browser that was in the past and for future versions prepare a more than significant improvement in the protection against tracking that will integrate protection against cryptocurrency mining .

Anti-tracking protection, which prevents the collection of a user’s browsing information, uses a list to identify and block the crawlers it knows. This feature is used by default in private browsing , but its activation for normal sessions requires traveling to the Firefox privacy and security settings.

That’s why Mozilla, looking for more users to know the function and use it, is working on its improvement . The news will arrive with Firefox 63 in October , although they can be tested soon in Firefox Nightly .

More prominence for protection against tracing (with mining block included)

In the Firefox design document that we can see on these lines, published by Bleeping Computer , we see how Mozilla wants to take the option to activate or deactivate the protection against tracking to the main menu of the browser . We could enable protection both from a private browsing window and from a normal browsing window.

In addition, as can also be seen, we can enable this same function against the collection of information from the drop-down security panel -located on the left of the address bar- that shows the data about the site we are visiting.

Finally, and as we said from the beginning, the protection against tracking will include in Firefox 63 the protection against the mining of cryptocurrenciesthat can carry out a web page (and also an extension , malware or even public Wi-Fi networks to which anyone could access without noticing what happens there).

As you can see in the Mozilla document, the browser will allow users to individually select the anti-drag functions available and among them will include protection against mining, following the example of Opera 50 , and also against fingerprinting, another interesting novelty.

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