What is the personal brand and why should you create yours in 2019?

New Year, purposes, promises, in short all that surrounds these dates full of rituals. Is going to the gym among them? Great, but have you thought about creating your own personal brand? The same was the purpose of 2018 and was half-hearted. Perhaps, retaking that project is the best, even more than the idea of ​​going to the gym, sorry, to sign up.

“Developing a Personal Brand consists of identifying and communicating the characteristics that make us stand out, be relevant, different and visible in a homogeneous, competitive and changing environment.”, Andrés Pérez Ortega .

Where do I start to create my personal brand?

For starters, you can be wonderful and an excellent professional, no one doubts, but you and I know: there are writers, graphic designers, artists, singers, good professionals who lack the most important thing, know how to sell .

He is like the one who writes the most excellent novel in history, and keeps it in a drawer. What’s the use? To stand out in such a competitive and saturated market, looking in the mirror and knowing what differentiates us from the rest and enhancing it is the priority.

The advantages of having your own personal brand

Highlight. That is the maximum advantage. There’s no more. If you are good at your job, but you are even better selling it and creating a community that respects you and vice versa, personal branding is just more work opportunities and to achieve prestige and respect among your colleagues.

And most importantly: you know what you are going to offer your target audience. It would not be the first time that someone is infatuated with having their own personal brand and it is not clear to us what they do but we find it everywhere.

The most important thing before and after creating your personal brand

First step

1. Select your target well .

2. Offers solutions for him.

3. Find out in what social networks they are.

Second step

1. Establish real objectives . And for this you have to know yourself to the fullest, it is not about achieving what we want, it is about offering to others what we do dominate, whatever the topic may be.

2. Find actions to carry them out . Actions that you have meditated on before. The ideal for each place both online and in real life.

3. Be clear about what you want to achieve . Behind each product or each person has to have a value, you will be a solution for that problem that your target has.

Third step

1. Measure and analyze your achievements often , correct what does not work and boost what gets good reception.

2. If someone answers or leaves a comment on your blog, for example, respond and if you ask for advice, give it to them.

3. Forget the insecurities and trust everything you know, but above all, be humble. Finding balance can be an arduous process because praise can become our worst enemy, do not deviate from your goal.

Fourth step

1. Do not throw in the towel. There may be a lot of competition in your sector but we are all born with a trait that differentiates us, we just need to transfer that aspect to your strategy.

2. Be consistent and think that the personal brand is a daily job, the fruits are collected in the medium or long term, but patience must be your greatest virtue.

3. The personal brand is not another thing that you and your peculiar way of facing the daily work. Make that rarity something extraordinary.

In short, the personal brand is nothing more than to make known that aspect with which we are all born and that makes us special, to transfer it to the professional sphere and shine through a well-crafted strategy.

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