If we want to form a team, should employees give their opinion on hiring?

The process of covering casualties or incorporating new team members is not simple. The reality is that there are many things that are lost, that are not seen in the curriculum that is on our table. And the interview has a problem, only one person evaluates us. After all, the candidate will join a team, so why not let the employees have a voice and a vote?

It may seem crazy, but it is something that makes a lot of sense and is already being applied in some companies. It is not that the voice of the employees who will work hand in hand with this candidate is the predominant one, but if they are part of the selection process , that they attract the candidate, let’s see how it works as part of the group and whether or not there is feeling among them.

If we think about it well in many companies, something similar is done, since the employees are the first to be asked when there is a vacancy if they know someone. But this can be extended, to have a list of candidates who can work with us not only when we have a vacancy, but if at any given time the right circumstances can be incorporated.

For the new employee, having had previous contact with the team, being known or friend of one of them, etc. it makes the period of adaptation much easier. This is a good thing for the company, since it reaches its maximum productivity much earlier. It is also clear that you will have a mentor within the team that will turn to adapt as soon as possible.

Finally, if there are several candidates, listening to the team’s opinion is something that helps us avoid biases that may occur in an individual interview. We may evaluate the characteristics of this worker well, but sometimes we can not see what he can contribute to the team or how he would reinforce it if he joined. Sometimes we do not need the best , simply someone with skills in a field where the rest are weaker.

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