Energy Sistem uses Alexa as a method to control all the functions of its new intelligent speakers

Christmas is approaching and this year it seems that smart speakers are going to be quite prominent. As an example, Amazon has landed with all its arsenal, we see how other brands are betting on Alexa or Google Assistant to improve their products and now Energy Sistem is the protagonist with its new intelligent speakers.

It is a new range of intelligent speakers that stand out for having voice control thanks to the compatibility with Alexa, the voice assistant from Amazon. A new family that will reach the market ready for the Christmas season.

These are three different models with which Energy Sistem wants to win over users. Models that respond to the name of Energy Smart Speaker 3 Talk, Energy Smart Speaker 5 Home and Energy Smart Speaker 7 Tower , the latter a tower of sound.

Of all of them, it stands out that they are compatible with the voice assistant Amazon, Alexa , which allows controlling them by means of verbal commands. Play music, raise or lower the volume … all without touching the speaker.

In addition, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity we can play music from platforms such as Spotify, Airplay or Internet Radio or access the information that interests us about the weather forecast or manage other connected devices.

Energy Smart Speaker 3 Talk

The Smart Speaker 3 Talk speaker has Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and integrates a 3.5 mm jack for easy connection with other devices. Supports Bluetooth profiles HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVCTP, AVDTP, AVRCP and allows a range of up to 30 meters. And as for Wi-Fi complies with the 802.11 b / g / n standard, working in the 2.4 GHz band

Mounts a 2-inch speaker that offers 5 watts of power with a frequency of 50 Hz at 18 KHz. To facilitate voice control, it uses two omnidirectional microphones and the fas-field system for speech recognition.

Energy Sistem Smart Speaker 5 Home

One step above the Smart Speaker 5 Home , a more powerful model that matches the previous one in terms of connectivity but raising the sound power through the use of two 2.5-inch drivers that offer 16 watts of power.

Energy Sistem Smart Speaker 7 Tower

Finally, the Smart Tower 7 Tower audio tower offers the same specifications but sub-power up to 40 watts thanks to the use of two 20-watt, 4-inch speakers that work at a frequency of 30 Hz to 19 KHz.

To improve speech recognition use the near-field system and how complement can be controlled by means of a remote control.

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