How a photobooth can help marketing

You might not think of using a photobooth for marketing, but you might be surprised by the ingenious ways you can use a photobooth at a variety of events. Here are some ways a booth can help your company’s marketing at an event:

  1. Get your guests involved

No matter whether you’re hosting a trade show, seminar, conference or product launch, a photobooth has the ability to bring people together in a fun and interactive way. Networking and small talk might need a helping hand and a photobooth is a great ice-breaker, tempting guests to get involved. Use Photo booth Hire Gloucester and your guests will be talking about your event for days afterwards.

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  1. Advertise your brand

Did you know you can have your logo printed on the photostrips? You can also have it as the backdrop to the photos, on the weblink to your online gallery and even displayed around the booth itself. Surely there is no better advertising than a photo memento to always remind your guest of the event your company staged? It’s the perfect, fun way of getting your brand out there for all to see. For Photo booth Hire Gloucester, visit Generation Events.

  1. Data Tracking

With a large event, it can be tricky capturing data from all those who attended. You might not know this but a photobooth has an incredibly useful data tracking function and can ask questions of your guests. When the event has finished, you receive the results, as well as the person’s details. This could prove an incredibly useful tool in seeking opinions, feedback and follow-up communications.

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  1. Social Media

Using the latest technology, guests can upload their image or GIF to any social media platform instantly. What better way to maximise the presence of your business and build likes and followers? Social media is an essential tool for business marketing and a photobooth offers a great opportunity to increase your engagement in this area.

  1. The Fun Factor

Aside from the above useful functions of a photobooth, they are just plain fun at the end of the day. Yes, they are a great idea for marketing but also can be remembered as a fun and entertaining aspect of a corporate event. Corporate events don’t have to be dull, dreaded occasions if we inject a little interactive fun into the mix. The aim is to still have guests talking about it long after the event finishing. The benefit of hiring a booth is that guests will look forward to attending your next event.

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