Why construction businesses are struggling to keep up with housing demand

With the demand for housing in the UK continuing to grow, pressure is mounting for the construction sector to supply new solutions to combat the issue. With a new report stating that the current options for housing construction are ill-equipped to deliver the volume of new homes needed, the idea of off-site manufacture is being considered.

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Building for change

In the recent report from the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee; ‘Off-site manufacture for construction: Building for change’, proposals are being put forward to increase the number of off-site construction projects to prevent the UK from falling behind in the housing construction sector.

With other countries producing a much higher rate of overall productivity in the construction sector, pressure is increasing on the UK to catch up. Areas such as Northern Ireland are already starting to use off-site construction more as part of social housing projects, whilst the rest of the UK is being encouraged to follow suit and use this method to create more homes at a faster pace.

The use of outdated business processes and the lack of trust between those who work within the sector, are also noted as being part of the wider issue which prevents many from utilising off-site construction more efficiently, thus adding to the shortage of homes in the UK.

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How to speed the buying process along

Whilst the need for suitable homes can slow down the process of buying a home for many potential homeowners, there are other factors that they must consider when looking for a home to purchase. The importance of a good solicitor can help speed the process along, and so when looking for reliable conveyancing solicitors Reading has several options.

Buyers should always ensure that they research any potential solicitors to find a reputable company, not forgetting to look online for the services they can offer. Companies such as will be able to give buyers a quote and a hopeful timescale to get them started on their journey.

So, with the demand for housing increasing, will we soon see an influx of ready built homes constructed off-site? If the recent report has anything to do with it, then this should be an inevitable next step to ensure that the UK keeps up with its construction counterparts overseas.

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