The calming vibrations of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient art that was first started back in 4000 BC and has links to the religion of Taoism.

It focuses on finding balance, within ourselves this is finding balance between the elements of Ying and Yang. When these two are imbalanced it causes issues within our bodies and with our health. This is where Chinese medicinal care helps. The same practices and thoughts can be taken when trying to balance the environment that we are in. Essentially this becomes about balancing the negative and positive energies that are all around us.

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Feng Shui offers us a solution. It offers us the chance to explain why things are not going well in our lives, it provides a reason and sense of purpose as it means we can start to actually do something practical and positive towards changing our lives for the better and becoming more successful. Not got any money coming in? it could be that you have a bucket in your money corner. It is another far eastern region that has entered our society, yet it is not unwelcome. Far from it in fact. It is almost like a piece of chinoiserie but of the mind and spirit rather than fabric patterns. We have never been slow to welcome Eastern ideas ever since we have encountered them for the first time as they passed down the silk roads. It is a new way of seeing beyond what you have in front of you and giving it a purpose.

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Behind Feng Shui is a belief that a place such as a garden of building, something physical can be made better. The key to this is the chi of the building or place. Can it be orientated towards supporting you in your life better? An expert in Feng Shui can come in and organise a room by recognising all of the simple errors that we make in relation to the placement of things. It is not simply tidying up, this is a focused attempt to place the clutter of your life in a more manageable pile that you can sort and deal with. Initial problems can be removed but the whole idea is for a bigger project, improving you and your life.

It is easy to be dismissive but many that have tried it say that it has changed their outlook and had a hugely positive effect on them and the lives too.

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