How to save money on boiler installation

Getting a new boiler is a notoriously expensive procedure. It’s vital to get this important decision right – here we look at how to save money.

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Cost of a new boiler

Costs vary according to type – combi, system or conventional – size and brand. Which? magazine found that prices vary from £600 to over £2,400.

Spending a lot of money does not necessarily mean that you will get a superior product, so read reviews and find boilers to suit your budget. If you prefer not to pay for a boiler separately, your installer might be able to quote for both the boiler and installation.

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Cost of installation

Boiler installation costs vary according to the work required, the installer, the parts and your locality. Boiler installation in Bristol is, for example, available from firms such as

According to the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors, you can expect to pay from £540 for a straightforward combi boiler replacement, up to £1,440 to install a new combi system in a new location.

The association warns that you might have to pay for a chemical flush (£200), or a mechanised flush of your heating parts (£510). Moving pipework adds substantial cost, typically ranging from £200 to £300 and upwards.

Installation can therefore be more expensive than the boiler itself. The cost of both may be anything from £1,040 to £4,250.

How to save money

Always shop around. You could go with British Gas or similar companies, but do investigate independent traders online as well, as they generally charge up to a third less. Look for companies that have industry accreditation.

Proper regulation

Choose a certified installer to be in safe hands. The Competent Person Register, Worcester Bosch, SNIPEF and the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council all list approved installers.
Building regulations must be adhered to:

If guarantees are offered with the job, be wary of having to pay for a warranty that you already have from the manufacturer. Some firms may underwrite a guarantee on the installer’s work, provided that the boiler is regularly serviced.

Don’t feel pressured

A company may offer you a special rate or discount if you sign up immediately. Don’t feel obliged to hurry, and feel free to take your time over what is an expensive decision.

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