The best reasons to use a wall mounted TV

If you’re looking to buy a new TV, you may be overwhelmed with the variety available. From makes and models to screen size and picture quality, there is plenty to take into account. However, one thing that may not need much thought is the choice between a standing or wall mounted TV. Here are just some of the benefits of buying a wall mounted TV.

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This may seem obvious, but in an age where TV screens are getting larger and larger, finding the right place to put it can be difficult. This is where wall mounted TV’s are perfect. Not only are you saving precious floor space by no longer using a chunky television stand, you also get the choice or placing the TV at whichever height suits you. If you really want to utilise space, you could even look into the new rollable TVs.


When placed stationary on a table, it’s highly likely that your TV may experience some glare. As the sun moves, so does the glare which can be increasingly frustrating. The solution is to choose an adjustable wall mount which allows you to tilt your TV to avoid glare throughout the day.

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Whilst many people think that they will need a professional to install their wall mounted TV, the truth is that this is rarely needed. Providing that you have the right tools, you can simply attach the brackets to your TV, fix the wall plate, and then hang your TV. Simple! You may need to rope in the professionals if you need help with TV aerial installation in Bristol but that can be solved easily by contacting companies such as TV Aerial Installation in Bristol.


With the minimalist trend making a comeback, the use of a wall mounted TV can help keep your room furniture and décor to a minimum. By removing the TV table, you will inevitably get rid of the clutter that comes along with it. You will also be left with a more modern way to display your TV.


Those with small children or pets know that objects such as televisions can easily be bumped into. By mounting your TV to the wall, you are minimising any accidents and therefore creating a safer environment.

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