Four considerations when hiring an emergency glazier

If you need glass replacing in a hurry, you might be tempted to simply pick the first glazier firm you encounter; however, not all glaziers are created equal, so it pays to think carefully when hiring one to ensure you get the best possible service at the most competitive price point.

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Here are four things to think about as you make your decision, each of which will get you closer to finding the right glazier for the job.

Size up the job

The more windows and doors that need fresh glass, the greater the amount you can expect to be charged by a glazier. It makes sense to tot up the total so that you know how much work needs to be done and are not too shocked by the quotes you receive.

Check reputations

Word of mouth is a good way of finding reputable emergency glaziers in Leicester such as If friends, family and colleagues do not know of a suitable provider, search online for independent reviews and ratings to build up an idea of which local firms are the most trustworthy.

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Anticipate a quick response

An emergency glazier should be able to live up to their name and get back to you quickly when you make your initial enquiry. If they are a little sluggish, this might set alarm bells ringing about the prospect of hiring them and how quickly they will complete the job.

Time is of the essence when glass windows and doors are damaged. A glazier that appreciates this will be a worthwhile ally to have in your corner throughout what could be a stressful process.

Get accurate details

An emergency glazier will typically send someone out to your premises to check up on the work that needs to be done and provide an estimate in terms of price. At this point, you should also ask about how long they expect the job to take.

If the work is going to involve a late finish or an early start, you will need to pay for the privilege; however, with burglary rates on the rise, this will be an investment worth making.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Be thorough when assessing the offer that an emergency glazier puts on the table and you will be in the best possible position.

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