Luxury Gifts for Valentine’s Day – Luxury Handbags and the Weekend Away

Valentine’s Day, of course, has been and gone by now. That doesn’t mean that people can’t be thinking about what to do for their loved one on the next special day of the year though. It doesn’t even mean that people can’t be thinking about what to get their loved one for Valentine’s Day next year.

Luxury gifts in general are items that evince a certain quality and style. The word “luxury” when referred to “luxury handbags” or to any other luxury item of a sartorial nature, is usually an indicator of the quality of workmanship or manufacture. It speaks of handpicked leathers and othermaterials; and of design that takes its cues from acknowledged style classic of the past.

The whole idea of luxury is something we should explore in detail before we return to the concept of gifs and gift giving. By understanding what luxury is, and what it might mean to a recipient, we can understand more about what we do when we look for gifts for our loved ones.

There is a sense in which all luxury is an indulgence. That is, if one buys luxury handbags one is buying not simply because one needs a bag, but because one wants one. More importantly, perhaps, one is also buying a bag whose price and design take it way beyond the realms of the practical, and into the more rarefied air of the simply desirable.

Anything can be luxurious under the right circumstances. Having a long hot bath full of scented bubbles is a luxury, where a quick shower would do. All high class food is a luxury, where bread and beans would just as well serve the nutritionalrequirements of the moment.

Luxury handbags, then, are items that are wanted much more than needed. Because of this, they help us understand what it is that we do when we look for and buy presents for the people we love.

A gift of love, particularly a gift given on Valentine’s Day, or on the birthday of the loved one, is a gift designed specifically to make the person receiving it feel special. This distinguishes it from a practical or a useful gift – for example, giving a ruck sack to someone about to go on a trip. The useful gift is just as thoughtful and kind: but it loses the patina of opulence that may only be attained by buying someone something she doesn’t need, simply because you want to make her happy.

It is, of course, a mistake to think that buying your lady gifts will make her love you more. Money buys only luxury handbags, and not (as the Beatles once pointed out) love. However, that doesn’t mean you should be stopped from wanting to make the object of your affection smile because she knows you have gone out of your way to get her something you think she will like.

Actually, there is a final element of the gift giving conundrum we have to face. Getting her what you think she likes is not enough. It has to be something you know she’ll like…

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