Inexpensive Ways to Create an Awesome Playroom

During playtime, your kids learn social skills, exercise their imaginations and prepare for real life. Give them the best playroom ever without spending a fortune as you encourage their creativity and make play the highlight of your child’s day.

Prepare the Room

Do you already have a designated playroom? If not, choose a room that’s big enough for fun and close enough to the living area for supervision.

Empty your chosen playroom, clean it thoroughly and make a list of any needed repairs. It might need a new coat of paint, nonslip flooring or updated fixtures. Save money on the repairs when you buy discounted materials and supplies at a local Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Bartering is another tool that helps you save cash. In exchange for homemade meals, babysitting or lawn mowing, your handy friend could install the flooring, paint a wall mural or hang new ceiling tiles. You stick to your budget while creating a play space that’s safe and clean for your kids.

Plan to Play

What do your kids enjoy playing? Plan the playroom to maximize the space and give your kids enough room to enjoy their favorite creative activities.

If your kids love to dress up, designate one corner for a stage that showcases their fashions shows. Include space for a mirror and a dresser that organizes the costumes and accessories. Lego enthusiasts will appreciate a table with bins for the bricks and room to walk around it. For art enthusiasts, outline a chalkboard on one wall and plan to set an easel, table, and supplies bin nearby.

Find storage solutions when you look around your home for objects that are easy to repurpose. Empty bins attach to the wall and hold books. A hammock hangs from the ceiling and holds stuffed animals. An old coffee table and drawers serve as a crafting center. Baskets collect toy cars or clay accessories.

With planning and creativity, you think outside of the box and maximize the play space in the room.

Stock Toys

Now that the room is prepped and planned, you’re ready to stock it. Find inexpensive toys when you raid your kids’ toy box. It contains long forgotten toys that are like new to your kids and probably includes toys your kids have outgrown or no longer want. Consign everything you aren’t keeping, and use the money you earn to buy new toys.

Thrift stores and yard sales offer an abundance of secondhand toys. Make sure all the pieces are included and don’t buy any recalled toys. Additionally, search the clearance bins at department stores for after season sales on new toys, Halloween costumes, and art supplies. You can also organize a toy swap with local moms, check out Freecycle and shop online deal and auction sites as you stock the playroom on a budget.

Just remember that even the best deals are a waste of money if your kids won’t love the item you buy.

To create the most amazing playroom for your kids, don’t spend a fortune. Simply plan the room carefully and look for bargains. Your kids learn so much during play, and they don’t care how much money you spend on the room as long as it includes the toys they love and plenty of room to play all day.

Holly is an Indianapolis native with an interest in running and baking. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands she loves.

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