Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2017

As the year draws to a close, an interior designer’s thoughts turn to what’s hot for 2017. And next year promises to shake up some well-entrenched ideas of what’s trendy in your home.


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If you want to create a beautiful house which will be the envy of your friends, you should pay attention to the following list of what’s going to be ‘in’ next year.

Au Naturel

Natural materials are predicted to lead the way in terms of interior design next year. Making a comeback will be cork, say experts, not only in the form of traditional noticeboards but also on surfaces such as coffee tables and wall mountings.

The warmth and sound-proofing of cork make a welcome contrast with other materials, such as metallics.

Also making a welcome return will be terracotta. Warm, matt terracotta finishes, for instance on tiles, will add rustic elements to your bathrooms and kitchens.

According to The Daily Telegraph, our desire for a return of more natural materials could be driven by our increasingly technology-led lives.

Jewel in the Crown

Bold, jewel-like colours are going to be big next year, say those in the know. Forget pastels and go for colourful shades inspired by elements of the cosmos and metals. Opal and quartz will be particularly popular.

Tone these down with soft, floaty fabrics and sheer silks to create a romantic feel to your bedrooms and living spaces. Colours, too, will be more jewel-like and natural. Dark green will help bring the outdoors in.

A Place to Escape

Tied in with this romantic, spaced-out feel will be the desire to create nooks and crannies where you can zone out of the incessant technology we are all faced with every day. If you can’t face throwing out the flat-screen TV and going altogether tech-free, simply set aside a cosy relaxing space in your bedroom or living room where everyone can go for some peace and quiet.

Help create a calming atmosphere with the clever use of large comfy sofas, soft furnishings, chunky rugs and embellished cushions.

If you need help with designing the perfect home interior, there are plenty of websites with clever ideas to inspire you. Your friends will soon be saying what a beautiful house you have.

Redesigning your interior spaces is really not as hard as you might think.

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