The Effects of Anchor Text

The thing about anchor text pointing to your website is that unless you are in control of the linking website, you can do very little about it. There are still ways to use anchor text to your advantage, but first you need to understand what it is, and what the search engines use it for.


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What Is It?

Anchor text is the text used to link from a particular article to a different website. For example, if you were writing a post about anchor text (such as this piece) and there happened to be a particularly useful article on about it on Moz, then you might write ‘Moz have produced a particularly useful article about anchor text’. If you set this up as a full A HREF link, the anchor text would appear as the link (commonly blue and underlined). The word or words you choose to link to the Moz site are your prerogative, but they would of course need to be relevant to the URL in question.

If you instead decided to link from this page to the same article, but from the words ‘frogs eat flies’, this would still be anchor text. And Moz wouldn’t be over the moon with you linking those words. The difference between the first link and the second link is the signal it sends to the search engines.

If you link in a relevant manner, the search engine can see that Moz provided useful information on anchor text to which you naturally wanted to link. If you link to it in an irrelevant manner, as in the second example, then the search engine will still see the link, but it won’t class it as a relevant link. The importance of link relevancy is explained rather eloquently in the Moz article used as an example above. It gives the search engines an indication as to the subject relevancy of the target page.

Are There Any Shortcuts?

Unless you are a SEO expert (or even if you are), this can all seem a little overwhelming. But it essentially means that as long as you produce relevant content that people will want to share, you should obtain relevant links.

This all contributes towards your SEO objective of ranking closer to the first page of the search engines. However, it must be noted that this does take time. The only way to jump to the first page straight away is to pay for AdWords. It is worth consulting with a full service digital agency that specialise in both web design and development as well as online marketing like Northampton web design agency Easiserv
The other thing that is important in the context of anchor text is that it is no longer necessary to desperately try to shoehorn irrelevant single keywords into your text, as Forbes points out. The search engines no longer see this as useful text, since it is so obviously artificial.

So in summary, the best way to get good-quality, relevant anchor text pointing to your website is to produce good-quality, relevant content that people who are interested in your particular subject area will want to share.

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