Signs you have a bird infestation

Although birds are attractive to observe in the wild, they can pose a real nuisance when they invade our space, roosting or nesting on domestic or commercial buildings. Here are some of the signs you might have a problem with nuisance birds.


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Increase in the number of birds

If you become aware of large numbers of birds around your home, settling on ledges or roofs or in the trees around your property, watch them to see if they seem to be settling there and whether their numbers are increasing. If so, you may have an infestation and need nuisance bird management.

Bird droppings

You may notice bird droppings around the building and on flat surfaces such as window sills. In addition to making a mess, these can cause damage to your property by eroding metal and other materials. Another hazard is the fact that excessive bird droppings on paths can make them slippery and dangerous. Even dried-up dusty droppings can be a health hazard. According to Medical News Today, more than 50 diseases can be attributed to birds and their droppings.

Damage to property

You might observe damage to the eaves and roof of your property. This is because birds are intent on finding somewhere to make a nest and lay their eggs and will rip holes in the roof of a property to find a suitable place or widen an existing crack in eaves or joints to gain access. A company such as nuisance bird management services can advise on what steps to take. Feathers and debris from nests can block up drainage systems and gutters, causing damage from dampness. If birds get inside a building where goods are stored, they can also damage stock by fouling or pecking.


Birds in large numbers can be very noisy and disrupt your daily life. When they get inside a roof or attic, they can become a real nuisance.

Health problems

Birds can carry parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites that can bite humans, causing disease and discomfort. Sometimes, flies and mice can be associated with bird infestations. In addition to the health problems associated with birds, they can be responsible for creating an unpleasant odour around the building.

If you have a bird infestation, you might need professional help to deal with it.

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