How to buy the right type of shower for your home

A shower first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day, but choosing a shower that’s right for you can be tricky. Here’s our quick guide to making the right decisions for your bathroom.

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Cubicle or wet room?

If you have the space to install a standalone shower cubicle, this is definitely the way to go. A separate shower cubicle is more luxurious and contemporary; many homeowners are now getting rid of baths entirely in favour of a single, spacious cubicle.

For the ultimate in luxury, the walk-in shower or wet room is many homeowners ideal, and perfect for an en-suite. You’ll need to invest in separate glass panels rather than a pre-formed cubicle and will need to have the room tanked so that it’s completely watertight.

For additional safety when installing free standing glass panels, invest in 12mm shower glass panels. You’ll find these available from good online retailers such as Marvin and Pinch.

Which shower?

Mixer showers ensure that your shower is always at the right temperature, especially if you invest in a digital shower with its high accuracy and range of features, including touchscreens and WiFi connectivity, although manual and thermostatic mixer showers will also do the job. Mixer showers are faster flowing than electric showers, and can be combined with a pump for greater pressure.

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Electric showers take cold water and heat it to the required temperature. Unlike a mixer shower, an electric shower doesn’t depend on using stored hot water, which makes them ideal for a home where hot water may be limited. The higher the kilowatt rating the better your electric shower will perform, although those rated 9.5kw and above may need an electrical cable fitting that supports a high-performance unit.

A power shower is the right choice for you if you like a real blast of high pressure water. This is achieved using a separate pump and is ideal if the water pressure in your area isn’t particularly high. The boosted water flow makes this type of shower very free flowing and invigorating.

Fixed or flexible?

A fixed shower head is the choice for a designer shower room, but families may prefer the flexibility of a riser mounted model.

Choosing the right shower ensures a great start to the day, every day.

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