Commercial Electricians – A Field of Opportunity

Commercial electricians install, maintain, repair, and replace all systems electrical. A commercial electrician works in and with businesses in the private sector and can work in utilities and public sector areas. Whether managing and maintaining power in Disneyland, or setting up the power and security at the new industrial complex, commercial electricians work the big jobs.

On the maintenance side, a commercial electrician has a huge job. Working with engineers, line installers, manufacturing and industrial engineers they are often in a position to advise; having advanced knowledge benefits them. Here are a few examples of the potential scope of this career.

Commercial electrician education mandates differ by state and usually by job, but if the commercial electrician wants those giant jobs where immense power needs and security are the norm, a degree is needed. Think about the electrician who works in high-tech sites that use radar and missile control systems to defend, or the power systems needed to run SEA and you get the idea of the potential scope, knowledge necessary, and opportunity. Here’s an additional example.

Think about your favorite NBA team. We’ll use Staples Center and the LA Lakers in this example. Staples seats 20,000 and every isle and seat has lighting. At center court, power for lights, sound, mics, scoreboards, cameras, and the large circular screen and Kiss Cam fire up. Safety and exit signs have to be powered to lead people to outer ring food concessions; from there, all signage has to get people to the right row and aisle. Parking structures need security and lights. Now factor in that all of this power supply and systems have to be invisible. Wow. The commercial electrician lays, maintains, replaces, and repairs all this equipment and power supplies.

These are just a few examples of the scope of this field. The work can be mentally and physically challenging at times, but never boring! The pay and benefits are typically good, and the career path allows entry with a high schools education, certification, and license, where you can work your way up from there.

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