How Can I Make My Central Heating Hotter?

Do some of your radiators get hotter than others? If so, your central heating system may need balancing. It’s not difficult to do, although you may want to talk to a heating engineer if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. Get it right, and your heating system will work at peak efficiency.

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Why Do I Need to Balance My Heating System?

If you have some radiators that don’t heat as well as others, then you’ll need to balance the system. For some homes in Cheltenham boiler installation may mean that radiators furthest away in the system are taking longest to heat and your heating system is just not as effective as it could be.

To get your entire system to run hotter and more efficiently, you’ll need to get a radiator or differential thermometer from your local plumber’s merchant. These are usually digital and can measure the temperature on the incoming and outgoing pipes. Once you know those readings you’re ready to balance the system.

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How Do I Balance My Radiators?

The first step is to turn off your heating system and let it cool completely. Now open both valves on each radiator before turning the system back on again. You’ll probably need to work with a friend to work out how quickly each radiator heats up and in what order.

Next you’ll need to adjust the lockshield valve – the one with the domed plastic cap. Remove each one with a pair of grips before turning the heating off again and letting it cool. When you fire the boiler up again, go to the first radiator and turn off the lockshield valve before opening it slowly until the difference between the temperature on the two pipes is around 11 degrees C.

You’ll need to repeat this procedure around the entire system, visiting each radiator in order. It’s likely that each valve will need opening a little further until the last one is completely open. Your heating system should now be working in complete balance.

What If My Radiators Won’t Balance?

If some radiators refuse to balance, then you may need to remove and clean them. If that’s still not effective, then contact a heating engineer like to power-flush the entire system.

Follow these simple steps and your heating will be hotter and more efficient than ever.

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