Five considerations when renting office space

Moving into a new office space can both be exciting and unsettling for employees. Whatever your reasons for moving, choosing a new premises to rent takes extensive research and planning. Here are just five of the more important factors to consider:

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Is there sufficient space?

Consider the way you operate – how much space do your staff need to work comfortably? How many meeting rooms and break-out rooms are required? If your company is projected to grow rapidly, is there sufficient space to grow into?

Do the facilities suit your needs?

Is your office and its washrooms accessible? Do you need lockers for uniforms? Are there sufficient kitchen facilities and areas for employees to take breaks?

Visiting online agents like is a good place to start to get an idea of what facilities you might need for your staff and visitors.

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Is it clean and well maintained?

Check whether existing cleaning services are included in your contract, and whether the space will be deep cleaned before you move in. Renewing and updating fixtures and fittings may be worth negotiating into the contract, so that getting up and running in the new space is as pleasant an experience as possible.

Is it within budget?

Make sure you’ve accounted for any hidden costs, and have budgeted for them accordingly. Advice on calculating the costs of moving such as is a good starter. Your new contract may include the payment of certain bills, as well as covering maintenance and cleaning services. Make sure you know what your responsibilities are before you sign.

Does the space fit with your business brand?

You may be so bogged down with the practical reasons for moving to a new premises, that your company’s image hasn’t had a second thought. Is the location suitable? If you’re looking for large towns with offices to let Basingstoke and similar towns for example, are they a reasonable commute for your staff?

Depending on the type of work your employees perform, open plan may be more suitable than closed offices. How big or small do your meeting rooms need to be and is there sufficient technology to support your communication needs?

An attractive looking office with the right ambience will help attract customers, and attract talent that will help your business continue to grow.


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