How to achieve the perfect St Patrick’s Day look

St Patrick’s Day, celebrated annually on the 17th March, honours Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. While it is believed that Patrick was not actually Irish himself, he plays a huge role in Irish culture and heritage. Initially, Patrick was allegedly held as a prisoner and slave by a group of Irish raiders, but this didn’t deter him from spending nearly 30 years in Ireland as a missionary converting the Irish to Christianity. By incorporating some of the Irish culture into his lessons, he was able to make the religion more palatable. This helped him to achieve his popularity both amongst the Irish and members of the Christian religion.

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It’s no surprise that St Patrick’s Day is one of the most widely celebrated holidays. In fact, according to Irish Central, there are some quite surprising places across the globe that celebrate St Patrick’s Day in a big way.

In the UK, huge parades are organised in many cities and towns across the country, along with smaller parties in homes and pubs the length and breadth of the nation. It’s a serious affair, and partygoers go to great lengths to do the event justice. How can you achieve the perfect St Patrick’s Day look?

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It’s got to be green…

The number-one rule for a St Patrick’s Day has to be that it must be green. Did you know that wasn’t always the case? In fact, until the 1600s, it was actually blue. Whatever you’re wearing – hats, scarves, jumpers or t-shirts – some part of it must be green. If you’re not comfortable in head-to-toe green, why not opt for a wig or glasses?

It’s got to be comfortable and long-lasting…

A St Patrick’s Day celebration can be a long affair, with many parties continuing into the wee small hours. Whatever you wear, you need to be sure it’s comfortable.

For those wearing makeup, try to get a long-lasting brand or one that does mini, travel-sized versions that will be lighter to carry round with you all day… and all night! Benefit makeup is a great choice, and you will find a good selection at Why not try a green eye shadow?

Finally, no serious St Patrick’s Day reveller would be seen without an Irish flag or a shamrock somewhere!a


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