Have you heard of flat design websites?

Flat design does not have anything to do with furnishing apartments; it is actually the latest thinking when it comes to building websites. A few years ago, designers were keen to lure visitors with animations and flashy graphics, but these often proved annoying, especially to those on slow connections, and a trend toward simpler, cleaner design has now taken hold.

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The concept of flat design is not a new one. The term dates back to the 1950s thanks to the modernist art movement and the adoption of simple typography. The idea goes back even further; you can see elements of flat design in places like the London tube map designed in the 1930s. The launch of Windows 8 ,with its “Metro” interface made up of a series of customisable tiles, was one of the first examples of this flat design trend in computing, and many software and web developers have since adopted a similar approach.

Simple and clear

In a flat design, design features like shading of characters and animation of graphics are seen as unnecessary. Instead, the design relies on bright, contrasting colours in solid blocks and simple illustrations to make things stand out and catch the user’s eye.

A flat design can make it easier for users to grasp the purpose of a page quickly and to find the links or buttons they need to click to complete a task or make a purchase. In many ways, this goes back to the very roots of good design practice. It’s about how well something works for the user rather than what it looks like. Of course, with help from a Maidstone Web Design company, you should be able to have a site that works well and looks good, too.

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Successful flat design

Today’s internet offers many good examples of flat design, particularly when it comes to mobile sites and apps. Using solid colours for the buttons that you need to complete actions makes them stand out from illustrations.

Similarly, the typography used needs to be simple, with sans serif fonts and key messages kept as short as possible. This can work well even with a more muted colour palette. The key is to draw attention to the elements that the user is seeking.

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