Things to think about when choosing student accommodation.

After the euphoria of passing your exams and getting your grades is over the chilly knowledge, or rather excitement, of the fact you are going to university will kick in. For the vast majority of you this is the first time away from home. Even if you live locally to the Uni you want you still might choose to move in with other students to get a bit of independence. Whatever University you decide to go to, be it Stirling, Aberystwyth, East Anglia or even Cheltenham Student accommodation is there for you.

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There are lots of things to consider when you are looking at where to live. The first year is generally covered by halls of residence. Everything is pretty much provided for you with a desk, bed and bathroom provided. After that first year you are expected to make your own arrangements. You might have to go out into the world of the private landlord.

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When you do, there are bills to pay like utilities and council tax. Don’t forget you will need a TV licence. It can be tricky to make that Student loan last that long so you will possibly need to get a job as well. Getting the grades is really just the start of it.


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