Fitted or Unfitted Kitchen – Which Is Better?

It is not easy to choose between the fitted and unfitted kitchen. Both have their pros and cons. It completely depends upon your liking and the space you have specified for the kitchen. Space and budget are also important factors for choosing a kitchen for you.

The fitted kitchen was introduced in 1950. Since then they have become increasingly popular and liked by almost every person. In a fitted kitchen, all the components of the kitchen are fixed wall-to-wall. Nothing is moveable in the kitchen room. Everything has a specific place.

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The cabinets, counter, and furniture are settled and cannot be moved. It reflects the style and personality of the house owner. The fitted kitchen has more storage space. Many options are available regarding the variety of appliances in the kitchen. Different designs are available for the same appliances. However, it can cause some problems if you change the place of any component of the kitchen. Fitted kitchens are more expensive as compared to unfitted kitchens. For Fitted Kitchens Norwich, visit a site like Grays Fitted Furniture, suppliers of Fitted Kitchens Norwich.

Unfitted kitchens also have their benefits. The mobility of kitchen components and furniture attracts people as they can change the setting of the kitchen at any time. They can move the furniture according to their current situation. These are more versatile and adjustable. All the components are moveable. You can change the setting of the kitchen as you want.

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Your taste, needs, and liking are the main factors upon which the selection of fitted and unfitted kitchens depends.

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