Find The Best Nightlife In Australia

The vast country of Australia has a diverse spread of nightlife, no matter which coast you find yourself on. But with so much choice, it can be daunting to try and decide exactly where to go for a good party. This rundown of some of the best cities for nightlife will help narrow your search, whether you’re wandering The Outback to the beaches of Perth or have taken advantage of cheap flights to Melbourne:

1. Sydney
Sydney is one of the most popular destinations on the continent and deservedly so. It’s a lively cosmopolitan city with something for everyone. Great bars, clubs and restaurants are easy to find in the centre, particularly around George Street. The Wynyard Station area houses famous bars like Ivy Bar and Bar 333, or you can head into the Rocks for a more casual pub experience. The more fervent nightlife area around Kings Cross has been cleaned up a lot in recent years, far removed from its old rough reputation – it’s now an excellent location for clubbing. If you’re after a more cultured evening, there’s always the world-famous Opera House.

2. Melbourne
Melbourne is packed with bars and restaurants ideal for late-night dining, drinking and dancing. The riverside areas, South Bank, South Wharf and Docklands are the best places to start, with the central district dominated by the Crown Casino, the largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the largest in the world. Melbourne’s most popular clubs, the Alumna, the Baroq House and Billboard Nightclub, are amongst Australia’s best for atmosphere, and unique rooftop bars like Wharf Bar and the Watermark are sure to be remembered. Though Melbourne is most commonly known in the UK as the location for the soap Neighbours (which puts on a riotous quiz night), it’s has a lot more to offer than soap nostalgia and shouldn’t be missed. Given how easy it is to find convenient flights to Melbournefrom anywhere in the country, it’d be a mistake to leave it out.

3. The Gold Coast
An expansive metropolitan area stretching along the Eastern coastline, the Gold Coast is famously popular for tourists, and is heaving with activity in the holiday season. The best location to head to is Cavill Avenue in Surfer’s Paradise, whose strip of bars, pubs and clubs is sure to satisfy all your nightlife needs. With a sub-tropical climate, excellent surfing beaches, theme parks, and local access to rainforests, it draws in a strong crowd sure to liven up your evenings. For a glitzy alternative to Surfer’s Paradise, try Jupiter’s Casino, or for a quieter evening, try Broadbeach which offers fine dining away from the clubs. If you’re making your way up the coast, and certainly if you plan on visiting Brisbane, be sure to include the Gold Coast in your plans.

4. Perth
It might seem that the East Coast of Australia is the place to be for good nightlife, but if you head west, the beachside city of Perth is a good contender for a night out. Bars and nightclubs can be found around the Northbridge area, including the Church, the Leederville and the Metropolis, with dozens of restaurants in the same location. Quite aside from its reputation as a sleepy coastal retreat, Perth can hold its own if you want to party.

5. Adelaide
Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself a little further west than Melbourne, with Adelaide an easy flight or a scenic bus journey away. It has more of a reputation for quiet churches and wine than nightlife, but there are some excellent nightlife spots spread throughout Adelaide. West End and Hindley Street are the best areas for nightclubs and bars, including Electric Circus and the Cargo Club, or alternatively head to Rundle and Gouger Streets.

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