Which Sportsmen And Women Are Winners In The Fashion Stakes?

So Bradley Wiggins has been crowned as the Sport’s Personality of the Year, but what about his style credentials? Judging by his questionable velvet suit, Mr Wiggins certainly won’t be winning any awards for his fashion sense.

Let’s take a look at the some of Britain’s most stylish sportsmen and women…

Roger Federer
Roger Federer has long been recognised as both the best tennis player in the history of the game and a trendsetter in the fashion department. Unlike his competitors such as Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray’s baggy tennis shorts and clingy t-shirts, Federer can always be seen wearing a smart white blazer emblazoned with his trademark gold initials. He brings an element of sophistication to the game which hasn’t been seen before, and which has since brought about his role as ambassador for top brands such as Gillette and now exclusive watch brand, Rolex.
Jessica Ennis

Jessica Ennis is the stylish gold medal heptathlon winner who has recently been seen at a variety of red carpet events in glamorous gowns. For the Sports Personality of the Year, Ennis kept it simple and elegant by wearing a full-length fitted red dress with slim black belt. Her sophisticated style makes her a winner both on and off the sports field.

Louis Smith
For the glamorous occasion, Louis Smith ditched the glitzy tank tops he has recently worn for his appearances in Strictly Come Dancing and instead opted for a vintage-style suit with geeky glasses. The glasses were oversized, horn-rimmed frames in true nerdy style. The grey suit featured 3 buttons cut with an opening at the bottom to reveal a jazzy belt buckle. However, whilst Smith should be commended for his attempts to secure a position as a stylish sportsman, it seems as though he may have just missed the mark. Had he paired his geeky specs with a simple tailored suit and skinny tie, he would have found the perfect balance between geek and chic. With a patterned bow tie, houndstooth printed trousers and odd jacket tailoring; his outfit looks awkward on the red carpet.

There’s no reason why geeky specs can’t be worn on the red carpet, take a look at Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake. However, with his boyish features, Smith would look better in a pair of dark retro frames in a classic wayfarer shape like these Boss Orange glasses:

Victoria Pendleton
Victoria Pendleton is another Strictly Come Dancing favourite who knows how to work the red carpet. For the Sports Personality of the Year, she wore a classic knee-length LBD with minimal jewellery and accessories. Instead, she kept the focus on her striking footwear.

So whilst they may excel on the sportsfield, it appears not all sportsmen and women can carry their success to the red carpet…

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