Can a new boiler prove to be a great selling point for your house?

Once you have decided to put your house on the market, what are the best means of making it more attractive to buyers?

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Expanding the floor space or decorating, new kitchens or bathrooms, or even a new extension? Given the cost these rarely offer an increased opportunity to re-coup the money spent. A much cheaper option may be enhancing the energy efficiency of your home.

Increasingly buyers will be looking at the energy rating of a property, and information can be found at the government’s own website.


The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has found that there is a positive association between price per square metre and energy performance rating.

A modest investment in a new boiler could then hike the selling price of a property. The UK climate means that whether you are in an area which is familiar with harsh winters, or looking at a balmier area, you are sure to benefit from updating your heating system.

Boiler installation Bristol based, such as that provided by, is a pertinent example of the latter.

Making energy improvements to your property can enhance the value of the property dramatically. It can also mean adding new radiators or revamping the whole heating system provided it boasts enough capacity. This is all good news for the vendor, and the purchaser will also be happy to pay a premium once these improvements have been put in place.

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The combination of the plethora of property programmes on TV and the government’s own campaign on energy efficiency makes for a perfect storm in analysing any property’s green credentials. The benefits of a new boiler can proportionately return more profit than a substantial structural change to your property.

Like decoration, a structural change will not necessarily appeal to all buyers. Aesthetics come into play in these areas. In contrast an efficient heating system will appeal to all buyers, making your home more attractive.

With energy bills continually rising fuel efficiency is increasingly a consideration for house buyers. This means they are willing to invest more in their purchase if they can see that it will cost less to run in the future.

The size, aesthetics and location plus the concept of efficiency are increasingly being added to estate agents’ jargon to achieve S.A.L.E.

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