Getting to know your privates

Did you know that most women have never taken a good look at their genitals? A quarter of all women still believe misinformation and incorrect things they have read or heard about their most private of parts. There is still a large element of shame and embarrassment about intimate areas, but for the sake of your self-confidence and health, it pays to get to know your bits well.

Anyone with lady parts has been conditioned to believe it looks weird and smells weird and is probably best avoided if at all possible. You want them to be healthy and feel good but at the same time, might not want to delve too closely. It’s a strange dilemma. If you ever want to feel at one with yourself, enjoy pleasurable experiences and be proud of your body, you need to be comfortable with it. Here is some helpful information to help you achieve this:

Find a quiet, private place and relax. Pour a glass of wine and take some deep breaths and prepare to take a peek. Grab a hand mirror, lock the door and find a comfortable position. Exploring this area is important as you’ll learn what feels good and what doesn’t. As you understand more about your body, you’ll enjoy more pleasurable sex, learn what your body is telling you and help you to identify when things are not as they should be. Should you ever be worried about having contracted an STI, knowing your body well will help you to identify when symptoms begin to occur. For STI testing Greenwich, visit

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Let’s start with some basic anatomy recognition:

The Mons Pubis – this sits at the top of the pubic bone and it’s the part you can see when you look down that’s covered with pubic hair normally.

The Outer & Inner Labia – the mons pubis branches off into two labia, an outer covered with pubic hair and an inner which isn’t. This is where variety can be found – some women have large outer or inner and the colour can vary, so don’t worry about what’s ‘normal’ as there is no ‘normal’.

The Clitoris – this is the point where the labia meet at the top and consists of a highly sensitive nub full of nerve endings. If you don’t spot it immediately, don’t worry as sometimes it can be hidden under a clitoral hood. Gently pulling back the hood will reveal the clitoris.

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The Urethra – just below your clitoris is the opening that you pee from. It’s very small so don’t be alarmed if you can’t easily see it.

The Vagina – further back, heading downwards is the vaginal opening. This is, of course, where penetration takes place, menstrual blood flows and babies are born from. The top of the vagina is the cervix which then opens up into the uterus and ovaries.

The Perineum – this is the smooth section of skin that runs between your vaginal opening and your anus. This area is also full of nerve endings.

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