How to promote yourself on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the social network of work and business, is renewed. Here’s how to use it to promote yourself to the fullest.

In the world, almost 470 million users use it, 10 in Italy. Many of them are entrepreneurs, managers, professionals. And, of course, responsible for human resources and personnel recruiters. That’s why LinkedIn has always been experienced as “the social where to find work”. In reality, it is much more than this. An event accelerator, a multiplier of contacts, a creator of reputation and trust.

Having an account on LinkedIn is a must, for those looking for a new job, business opportunities, opportunities for collaboration. Ideal for entrepreneurs, managers, freelancers, artists, artisans, sellers, employees …

The rules to present themselves at their best

“Being there is not enough. We must be noticed. Without ever forgetting that we are there to sell / sell ourselves. We must communicate constantly, talking about things that interest people. The insurer does not have to talk about his policies, because that would only involve the insiders. It must talk about what everyone has at heart: children, family, security. You have to be professional and innovative, challenging the status quo explains, web expert and specialist in LinkedIn.

Some tips:

  • Cure the image and the logline (the phrase that represents us)
  • Networking with those who have interests and goals similar to ours
  • Send a message (even just a thank you) to all our new contacts
  • Focus on active users (25%, worldwide)
  • Take advantage of Pulse to turn LinkedIn into our blog
  • Use the new tools: hashtags, photo filters, tips & chats …
  • Update experiences and skills in a timely manner
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