What is silicone and where does it come from?

We use silicone in so many ways in our lives that it’s hard to imagine life without it. It is quite the unsung hero of the modern age allowing us to coat things for safe electrical use, waterproof boats better, and stick baths to tiles and shower units to a drain so that the water doesn’t get everywhere. However if you need to remove some silicone it can be a little tricky to achieve when it gets old and worn. This is where a Silicone sealant remover comes into its own and the best ones that you can buy are from CT1. Where do we get silicone from?

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Silicone is a polymer. In other words it’s a kind of rubberised plastic. It Is a siloxane which is part silicone separated by a single oxygen particle. If you look at its chemical structure makes it look a bit like a TIE fighter from Star Wars. This little fact would have been lost on its discoverer, inventor and developer F.S Kipping as he was busy trying to create it back at the turn of the twentieth century in 1901. It was his vision that created silicone with his blending of polymers to create the substance we know today.

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It was seen as a wonder product that would revolutionise every aspect of modern life. Things that were impossible before suddenly where, Silicone is heat thermal and water resistant meaning that I be used in a variety of mind bogglingly ways. It is a sealant in bathrooms, and can make heat proof cooking molds for cakes and biscuits. It repels water and resists the growth of spores when it does come into contact with it.

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