How often do I need to get tested for STIs?

For sexually active adults, you will likely have seen the various campaigns aimed at ensuring we take responsibility for our sexual health. This is especially important as so many infections begin with little or no symptoms. For your health and that of your sexual partners, testing is essential but how often should it be done is a commonly asked question.

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The answer depends on several things which will be unique to each individual. The frequency with which you have sexual relations, whether you’re in a lasting relationship and how many times you engage in high risk activity.

It is usually advised to have a sexual health check once a year and to test for infections like syphilis, gonorrhoea, HIV or chlamydia. For those who have multiple partners in a year, a more regular schedule of testing is recommended, perhaps once every month or quarterly. Find out more about Bexley Home STI kits from

Many people have casual relationships and even if you trust your partner or have tested negative recently, they could still be having sexual encounters with other people and contract an infection this way, so it is wise to consider the benefits of regular testing.

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Another important time to get tested is if you notice any unusual symptoms or something just feel right during intercourse. If you receive information that a former or current partner has tested positive, you will need to get tested as soon as possible.

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