How to care for your laminate flooring

When you have a laminate floor you can be assured that it is a much easier prospect to clear than that of carpet. It’s one of the biggest advantages of going for a laminate option. However. Just like a carpet, the laminate floor needs to have some care and attention on it to keep it looking its best. It’s also a great way of extending the lifespan of the floor so that it lasts a lifetime. Getting Laminate Wood Flooring from a supplier like stand you in good stead.

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The best way to keep your laminate floor looking in top shape is to clean it regularly. This usually means a mop every 2 months as a minimum. You can’t just slop a soaking traditional mop on the floor. It’s much better to invest in a microfiber mop and make sure it is a bit damp. Too much water is a big mistake to make with a laminate floor. It can stain and sink between the minute cracks.

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Do not be tempted to buy a cheap,  “all in one” cleaner. You need to get a specific cleaner designed just for laminate floors. Other inferior products can cause the wood to stain and discolouration. More traditional methods to avoid scuffing and scratching can also be employed. Rugs or shoes under furniture legs is an absolute must. The same is true of keeping any pets that you have nails nice and short.

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