Three Ways to Heat your Conservatory

Heating a conservatory is something that many people want to get right – avoiding having to go through the rigmarole of obtaining planning permission for gas central heating, means that many of us explore other ways when it comes to making sure that we keep our conservatories cosy and warm.

Here are a few ideas that could be of help to you if you are planning a new conservatory and are unsure about the right way to heat it…

Wood is something that has been useful to humans for centuries. From the ships that were used by explorers to the homes built from the sturdy beams – in fact this is something that we still use today, like these oak roof trusses from Timberpride.

But wood is coming back into the home in another way – as a fuel. Something that was used years ago is something again that people are wanting to create in their homes – the comfort of a roaring fire on a winter’s night has a real appeal, and wood burners have become a lot more popular when it comes to home heating. In a conservatory, they add a really cosy feel, especially in the winter months.

Wood fires also have the benefit of being able to heat up a room very quickly, and without having to use electricity or gas this can help you to save money on your heating costs.

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Going back to Roman times, underfloor heating was a great invention by a civilisation that also brought us straight roads, new language, Roman Baths and money. But it is now something that is a popular and effective way to heat the home. Modern underfloor heating runs off electric and can be more costly to install than other forms of heating, however it is very efficient once in, and easy to use. It also can heat a room evenly and quickly and can be used with a range of floor coverings, so it doesn’t matter if you opt for tiled, laminate or carpet.

Something else that appeals to people who consider underfloor heating is the fact that nothing can be seen – so no radiators on walls or heating pipes can be seen anywhere, which makes for a more minimalist design style.

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For something a little more modern and sci-fi feeling, infrared heating may appeal. Something that many people like about them is the lack of sound. Because they work by emitting light, they are not as noisy as other forms of heating, and they use this to circulate warm air around the room, which works quickly, and they are cost effective. However, some people do not get on with them as they find the light too intense, and you must be careful about the amount of time that they are left on for as they can reach extremely high temperatures.

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