Building a Home of your Own – How to Find a Plot

Building your own home is a great idea – this is how you get your dream home, built to your exact requirements that will suit you and your lifestyle perfectly. Whether you want an environmentally eco home that is a real one off, or maybe the homes you have looked at in the area that you want to live in don’t really cut the mustard.

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There are many reasons for building your own home and many reasons why it is a great idea. But before you embark on the actual building of the house, you will find that one of the most difficult parts of building a home of your own is actually before the build even begins – finding a plot of land.


With land suitable for building on in short supply, a plot of land can be expensive, and as more and more people want to build their own homes, good plots are snapped up quickly so you need to be on the ball when you are plot hunting.


When it comes to finding a plot, think outside the box a bit if you want to open up more choice. You could think about knocking down a property to re-build – strangely, this can often work out cheaper. As well as this option, also consider building on brownfield land – you may need to look into a land remediation service like Soilfix, but this is another option which may work out cheaper for you.

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Whatever you choose, remember to budget, plan and research thoroughly before you begin your very own grand design.

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