Hosting solutions, create a site among options, speed and price

Which hosting is best to choose to host my website? How can I register a domain? Better to choose hosting with shared or dedicated server? Can I transfer a site or a domain to another hosting? There are so many, too many, questions that we can formulate in this area and of course, find the appropriate answers. If you want to create a complex project without using pre-packaged websites, you should consider these suggestions.

A website , including CMS Joomla and WordPress, to be consulted all over the world, needs a solid reference point ( hosting ) for which it can exist and be reached without problems on the network. For this reason, it is vitally important to choose the most appropriate hosting for real needs and for the purpose that we really want to give to our project.

Almost all web hosting providers are able to sell the complete package, consisting of the top-level domain (, web space and database, useful for dynamic sites. The hosting can be on Windows or Linux platform, for all needs. We can state that there is no price range outlined, to consider to buy a web space, as often, among competitors, it is never aligned and congruous to the respective services offered.

Concrete example: if Mario buys a hosting space for one hundred and fifty euros a year, it does not mean that he has brought home a better product than Filippo, who may even spend only ninety-nine. From personal experience I can say that I had to use in the past good quality Italian providers , who offered web space and database, but that at the end presented many constraints and limitations such as limited monthly traffic and the size of databases, used in my case from WordPress, below 200 Mb. Too bad that a similar service comes to cost us more than other famous and emerging providers, which allow you to create your site, like 1and1, able to offer, at a lower price and the same quality, an unlimited bandwidth and 1 GB database. The latter provider is even able to offer a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) package for free, to speed up the loading of our site, to be combined with its Linux or Windows hosting plan.

Much importance is given by the quality and speed of technical assistance that Hosting offers, by telephone or e-mail, to its customers. If we have problems on our site that do not depend on us, we cannot wait for the “comfort” of our service provider. The personal page or bulletin board, offered by the providers, with which you can manage our services, should be as clear and complete as possible. It will be possible to control our domain and manage or expand all services.

Today, if we have a site loaded on a slow hosting, incomplete or too expensive, that does not convince us, we can change providers without major problems, moving all our work into new hosting and maintaining the original domain , avoiding SEO penalties or change of address with consequent loss of indexed links. The procedure for migrating an Internet site , static, dynamic, WordPress, Joomla, is often elementary and requires only patience and dedication, summarizing it is to save our archives, the database, upload it to the new space, change the DNS of the domain on old hosting and implement them with new ones.

Buying a top-level domain, even those with the most imaginative extensions, introduced recently, is instead possible operation from almost all the main Italian and foreign platforms. In this way, we could contact a provider and buy from it both the hosting plan and the preferred top-level domain.

In short, if you are looking for a valid and convenient hosting for your old or new web project, consider all these factors, the services offered, the price to pay and do not neglect the reputation or reputation of that provider, perhaps by consulting forums or the network in general. Often, the comments and reviews of other users, if honest and based on direct and real experience, can make the difference.

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