Throwing the best BBQ ever

August has been a bit of a wash out but don’t put away your shorts and t-shirts just yet. Perhaps we will be lucky and get an Indian Summer as September is often a warm and sunny month. Time then, to get that barbecue back out. Need to know how to throw the perfect barbecue? Here are some top tips:

One of the most important things is to make sure your grill is hot enough. It’s best to begin with a thoroughly clean, well-oiled and super-hot grill. For a gas grill, turn it on and leave for around 15 minutes before putting any food on it. Charcoal varieties will take a little more experience. You’ll need to develop an eye for when the coals are ready, but they normally take about twice as long as a gas grill. When the coal has developed a white-ashy exterior, spread them out evenly and you can begin.

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Always be sure to turn your meat whether cooking on gas or charcoal. It’s crucial for the meat to cook evenly, right the way through. Once cooked, place the meat in a little foil tent to let it soak up all its juices so it will taste amazing.

The barbecue staples include sausages and burgers, but you might want to switch things up a bit with your own bespoke menu. You could consider fish, kebabs, potatoes and grilling vegetables. If you’re inviting guests, make sure you have a variety of food to suit all tastes. For a lot of guests, remember it will be easier to keep things simple with prepping in advance.

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If you’re feeling experimental, you could try your hand at making your own burgers and sausages. There are loads of instructions on the internet and it’s far easier than you might think. Don’t forget your vegetarian guests might be happier with some of the delicious meat alternative products on offer. Just don’t cook them on the same grill as the meat!

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Spice things up a little with vegetarian or lamb kebabs. Buy some skewers and mix up the meat or veggies with courgette, peppers and onions for a delicious barbecue with a twist.

The key to relaxing and having a good time is to do as much prep as you can the night before or the morning before the barbecue. If everything is ready and all you need to do is fire up the grill when your guests arrive then you’re the master of barbecues!

Don’t forget the all-important sides to compliment your barbecue. No summer barbecue is complete without a bowl of potato salad, a leafy green salad and a large tub of coleslaw. These can also be prepared beforehand and make a delicious accompaniment to the main event.

Have plenty of condiments available so guests can tailor their hot dogs and burgers exactly how they like them. You’ll need things like mayo, ketchup, mustard and special burger relish.

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