Why summer is the best time to hire a commercial cleaning service

Our thoughts turn to many things during the summer months, such as holidays, picnics, barbecues, cricket and the seaside. Something we tend not to think about is cleaning, but perhaps we should. The warmer weather provides perfect breeding conditions for bacteria, flies and other nasties; in addition, it is a time when many of us can suffer allergies caused by pollen and dust.

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To keep your business premises safe and pleasant for your staff, customers and visitors, the summer is an ideal time to engage a cleaning service. This can also help to avoid problems such as sick building syndrome.

Cleaner office

There are a number of issues that become more acute in warmer weather. Summer means pollen -however good your ventilation or air conditioning system, people will bring this in on their clothes and shoes. Allergy sufferers will therefore not be at their most productive. A thorough clean can help to tackle this problem and the summer is a good time to do it, as the warmer weather helps to dry out newly-shampooed carpets.

Office bins needed to be emptied regularly, especially in summer when food waste can lead to smells and a build-up of bacteria. In kitchen areas, food waste and spillages need to be cleaned up, and preparation areas – even if only for tea and coffee making – need to be kept clean and pleasant to use.

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Clean learning

Commercial cleaning is not just for offices, of course. School premises also need cleaning and the summer, when no pupils are present, is the ideal time to do a thorough job. This means you can get rid of any build-up of dust and dirt in classrooms and corridors and prevent the growth of bacteria that would inevitably follow.

Regular cleaning is also important, of course, as pupils inevitably bring dirt from outside activities into school corridors. An ongoing cleaning contract can be supplemented by a holiday period deep clean. A clean and tidy school environment is better for both teachers and students, enabling them to be more productive and better able to concentrate on their work.

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