Four reasons to buy a push mower

A lawn enhances the appearance of any garden and is a great place to sit out and to let the children (and pets) play. It will need some maintenance to keep it looking its best and mowing the lawn is the most common weekend gardening chore.

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Most gardens in the UK do not have huge lawns and so families do not necessarily need a petrol or electric mower. It is perfectly possible to keep the lawn looking great using a push mower. This is a mower that is powered simply by you pushing it around the lawn.

Whilst they may not be appropriate if you have several acres of land, there are compelling reasons for choosing a push mower in preference to the electric and petrol-driven versions.

Here are four of them.

1. They are kind to the environment

According to gardening expert Lia Leendertz, lawns are not regarded as particularly environmentally friendly. We are encouraged to grow patches of moss instead. However, if you want to retain a lawn, and most people do, you can offset some of the environmental damage by using a push mower rather than one that is powered by fossil fuels. You will reduce your carbon footprint.

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2. They save you money

Push mowers are good for your budget. They are cheaper to purchase than other models and they cost nothing in fuel! There will be no expensive repairs. They usually only require a little sharpening to keep them going. If you do need to maintain them, you will be able to do it yourself using Mountfield spares from a supplier such as There are no expensive engines to maintain.

3. They are easy to use and safe

You don’t have to refuel them or worry about maintaining a complex engine. You don’t have to worry about what to do if they do not start. There are no trailing cables to get in your way when you are mowing and no danger of electrocution. You don’t have to invest in circuit breakers or extension leads that will reach the top of your garden.

4. They are quiet

Not everyone wants to be woken up by the sound of a lawnmower on a Sunday morning! With a push mower you can maintain your lawn whenever you want without annoying anyone.

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