Why is it so Important to Bug-Test Software and Websites?

When you’ve lovingly created a website for your business, it can be easy to take your foot off the gas and leave it to its own devices. In reality, creating a websites is a little bit like having a child: it needs regular care and attention once its been brought into the world. Here are the tops tips on testing your software and websites.

Why is it so Important to Bug-Test Software and Websites

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Implement a Test Phase

Whether you’re creating your site on your own or using the expertise of a software testing service, you’ll need to schedule in some time between the production of the website and the date it goes live for testing purposes. During this time, any glitches that appear can be managed and smoothed out before the public have the chance to be burnt by them.

Test Regularly

It is crucial to test your systems as often as possible. The most careful web developer cannot rule out the existence of defects, even if they follow the guidebook to the letter during the website’s creation. The site must be tested once it is up and running, and then tested again at regular intervals for the rest of its life.

Trust the Experts

These days we are bombarded with adverts for do it yourself website building platforms and instant site creators. While these can be useful for non-business users, a real business has individual needs that require specific adaptations. It pays to employ an expert software developer such as to work with you to create a site that both you and your customers benefit from. When it comes to web design, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Make a Good Impression

Remember, your website is your virtual shop window. You want to keep everything clean and tidy with a clear message. If a customer walked into a shop which was cluttered and had a squeaky door, they would not be likely to part with their hard earned cash there. The better experience a customer has at your site, the more likely they are to come back again in the future.

Regular testing can take your site from run of the mill to running with the big boys, and it needn’t be time consuming, especially with the help of professional developers. So, when was the last time you tested yours?

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