Why didn’t I just call a Doncaster Locksmith

Last year I made a massive error in judgement and managed to embarrass myself in front of my entire cul-de-sac neighbourhood. You see I had had an incredibly stressful day at work, one of the servers had decided to take the day off work (as computer systems do), so we couldn’t access half of our files. Now for most businesses that wouldn’t be too much of a problem but being a dental nurse, it is kind of important that you can see you patient’s records, particularly before you start accidentally removing or filling the wrong teeth. Anyway, to cut an incredibly long and dull story short we eventually got the system up and running and managed to catch up on most of the delay so I only had to stay in the surgery for an extra hour and a half.

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By the time I got home I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind and all I could think about was how empty my stomach felt. You see I had worked straight through my lunch to try and make up some of the time we had lost in the morning. I was so busy thinking about my stomach and wasn’t paying attention when I managed to put my garage door key into the front door. Of course, I didn’t notice this, so spent my time trying to ram the key further into the lock and wrench it around to open the door, and yes, you’ve guessed it, I snapped the key off in the lock. Now at this point you would have thought I would have calmly called my local Doncaster Locksmith Danum Locksmiths but oh no, that would have been the sensible thing to do (and what I will be doing should a lock-based emergency ever happen again). No, what I decided to do was to try and climb an eight-foot fence into my back garden to open the patio door. Well, as I teetered at the top of the fence I managed to very skilfully catch my jumper on the guttering of the garage and I pulled down the entire down pipe as I tumbled off the fence and landed on the inflatable paddling pool, which had been emptied of water a few weeks earlier, but was still inflated and helpfully contained rain water from the last few days. In my haste to climb the fence I had left my handbag with my door keys in, on the driveway. Cue my second climb over the fence, this time with no down pipe to get in my way I triumphantly jumped down the other side only to hear a tearing noise as the hem of my jumper caught on the top of the fence (I really do dislike this jumper).

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And this was how the neighbours found me, my feet barely touching the floor, the hem of my jumper stuck fast on the top of the fence and me spinning around desperately trying to reach the hem and pull it off the fence. I’m guessing I probably won’t be invited to this year’s Christmas drinks and nibbles party!

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