Communicating with your hairdresser

It’s great when you reach a point with your hairdresser when he or she knows exactly what you want without you saying a word? You completely trust them and have every confidence you’ll leave the salon looking and feeling amazing. This means you don’t have to worry about anything and can just sit back in the chair and relax.

It can take a long time to reach this level of understanding and comfort with a hairdresser and going anywhere new can be a daunting experience. Did you know you can always book a consultation before having your hair done to fully discuss what it is you’re seeking? You don’t have to leave the explaining until you’re already sat in the chair with a pair of scissors being wielded over your head! This should be a complimentary appointment and gives you both the opportunity to get to know one another, discuss options and see if you gel. This is also a good chance to see how much it is going to cost.

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Whilst this gives you peace of mind, it’s also beneficial for your stylist too. It allows them a chance to see your hair before needing to style it, listen to your hopes and goals and gives them time to prepare how they can meet those goals. This is a highly recommended approach, especially when seeing a new stylist for the first time. For an appointment with a Hairdresser Gloucester, visit

Another beneficial thing to do is take in some photos of what style you’re seeking. Stylists are often highly visual people who like to see images of cuts and colours. It’s often much easier than trying to explain what you want in words alone. You might not use the right terminology to explain what you really want, and this can lead to miscommunication. With an image, you can both see it, be working from the same page and can discuss whether it’s achievable or not.

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Take a look through the hair board photos on Pinterest for inspiration, but keep in mind the colour and texture of your hair. Some cuts look more defined with a lighter hair colour, so discuss options if you’ve seen a great cut but the photo is of a blonde and you’re a brunette for example.

Especially when discussing colour choices, it’s important to have an image of the colour you want. It’s very difficult to explain the variations in shades, for example an icy blonde compared to a warm golden tone are very different. By showing an image of the exact colour you like the look of, you know there’ll be no confusion.

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