Which flooring is the most eco-friendly when looking for a new home?

Some flooring options are much more eco-friendly than others. If you are replacing the flooring in your house or looking to move to a new place and you want to make a choice that is better for the environment, here are some of the most eco-friendly flooring options for you to choose from.

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Natural flooring

Natural flooring uses natural fibres, such as cotton, coir and seagrass, to create a beautiful, eco-friendly flooring option. Natural fibres are eco-friendly, as they are made from fabrics that are renewable and sustainable; in addition, the plants grow fairly quickly and therefore have a good harvest time.

You can buy natural flooring in a wide range of styles, colours and patterns, making it is easy to find the perfect natural flooring for every room in your house. You can even find natural flooring options that are perfect for the bathroom!

Reclaimed flooring

Reclaimed flooring is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options, as it reuses old flooring. This is a fantastic form of recycling and there are lots of options for you to choose from, including mahogany, oak, stone and even marble. It is worth noting that reclaimed flooring is often fairly expensive; however, if you want to create a traditional look, it is definitely one of the best options.

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Wool flooring

According to The Guardian, wool is a surprisingly resilient flooring option that is less damaging to the environment than other options. This is because wool only takes around 10 per cent of the energy that is needed to produce nylon. It is also very sustainable, as sheep constantly regrow wool.

Another benefit of wool carpets is that it is easy to buy a carpet made in the UK; therefore, there are far less carbon emissions than if you bought a carpet from another country, such as Asia or the US.

Wool underlay

Underlay is an important part of flooring, but it can be difficult to find an underlay that is eco-friendly. Thankfully, you can now buy a type of underlay that is made from recycled carpet fibres, recycled wool and recycled rubber. This is a great way to stem the flow of fabrics that end up in landfills. Wool underlay has all the same benefits as more standard forms of underlay.

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