When the Fire Goes Out: Interior Design for Disused Fireplaces

The fireplace is the focal point of any room, but what happens when your fireplace is no longer used for its intended purpose? If it’s a particularly old or attractive feature, it’s unlikely you’ll want to remove it altogether. You could leave it as is, but this is really only an option if your fireplace is appealing enough on its own to be a feature in its own right. If you don’t particularly want to retain the existing fireplace, there are plenty of ways you can utilise the space to create an eye-catching and striking design feature.

When the Fire Goes Out

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Fill the Space With Greenery

If you’ve ripped out a fireplace and are left with a gaping hole, do as suggest and make it into a stunning plant display. Paint the surround in a colour that complements the rest of your room, and fill the empty fireplace alcove with potted plants in all shapes and sizes for a fresh, eclectic feature. This is a simple and affordable way to give a disused fireplace a new lease of life.

Use it as a Bookcase

This is a fun way to add a quirky touch to any room, and doesn’t require expensive supplies! If your fireplace alcove is particularly spacious, you might be able to install basic shelves inside to create a bookcase. If it’s a bit smaller, however, or you like a more shambolic appearance, simply stack and cram the books in in any way you fancy and you’re left with a striking yet practical focal point that is sure to brighten your room.

Use it for Heating

Especially if you’re pushed for space, installing an alternative means of heating your home in a disused fireplace can be a great option. Depending on your home’s style, you could plump for a traditional wood burning stove, or more contemporary aluminium radiators. Companies such as Apollo Radiators supply a range of aluminium radiators that are perfect for this kind of project.

Use it to Display Art

If you have a particularly eye-catching print or framed poster you think deserves to be centre of attention, consider mounting it in your fireplace cavity. This works best if the alcove has been boarded over, and if your fire surround is still in place, you’ll find it acts as an elaborate frame for your art.

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