Ideas to create content in summer

Summer is here, the holiday also but there are certain aspects that we should not neglect the creation of compelling content for our readers.

Assuming that at this time feel less read, or that our time is limited, the ideal is to make things easier with fresh, entertaining and easy to consume and accept our audience.


Many companies choose to create contests in the summer context: photos on the beach, fun experiences on vacation, always in the hands of a photograph, a simple strategy that incorporates the relaxed atmosphere in which is the client with the brand.

Ideas to create content in summerVideos

The videos are kings within the content. It is a format that the client appreciates, with images and condensed information in minutes. Easy to share and digest like a sorbet on a hot day.

Videos involve work. We know that sum is much more complicated than creating an extensive post. We take care of the SEO and try that the message is not diluted between music, images or short duration.

Bet on the infographics

We have at your fingertips, multiple tools to create an infographic. According to the third meaning of DLE (Dictionary of the Spanish Language) is the graphic computer graphics information supporting a press release.

News or any news, novelty, so that we intend to move to our readers. The combination of graphics, colorful images, a relaxed tone and a clear and pleasant language, it is an incentive as appropriate content for these dates.

Along with the endless possibilities of writing in your blog, already discussed in another article, it is necessary to ignore the known slogan: “The good communicator is one that fits the context”, and apply these moments of relaxation.

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