What is a thread lift?

When it comes to cosmetic surgery and non surgical procedures to help enhance your natural beauty and halt the effects of aging it can seem like there are an incredible number of options to choose from. The procedure that works best for one person may not be the same as for another as the results are very unique to the individual and will depend very much on the outcome that they are looking for.

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Thread lift is one such treatment. In order to remove the risks of a full cosmetic facelift, many people are turning to this much less invasive treatment. Here is some infaomrtion about the procedure that is perfromed by Thread Lift Cardiff companies such as

A thread lift is classed as a non-surgical procedure as it does not require the use of a general anaesthetic or extensive surgical work to be undertaken. Instead the procedure takes place with the use of a local anaesthetic. The loose skin that is causing the look of aging or saggy appearance in the face is not removed as with a traditional facelift. It is instead held back with tiny sutures that are used to hold the portions of skin up. The procedure itself can also promote the health healing process of producing large amounts of collagen in the affected area, that the body naturally carries out which in itself can make for a more youth appearance. Collagen is a natural product produced by the body and it plays an important role in the appearance of young looking skin. Collagen is used in many skin care products to help boost the body’s natural supply and retain a youthful look for longer.

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Collagen is also responsible for the healing of wound sites and it is this combination of functions that makes it so important for health and young looking skin. As we age the amount of collagen that is naturally produced by our bodies decrease which is what leads to the aging signs in our skin.

One of the main advantages of a thread lift over a full facelift procedure is that the recovery time is much less as is the risk of infection and there is no need for full sedation meaning you can be back to your normal everyday activities within no time. The risk of scarring is also greatly reduced and as long as you follow the after care guideline you are given by your chosen professional you will probably have very little pain or swelling around the site of the sutures.

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