How to have a comfortable coach trip

One of the best things about going on a coach trip is that you get to sit back and relax, watch the world go by as someone else does all the driving! No two coach trips are the same, depending on your destination, season, country and duration but here are some great tips for any coach trip.

  1. Wear loose clothing

If you want to be comfortable, then dress in loose-fitting clothing that’s perfect for travel. Choose an outfit with layers so you can adjust what you’re wearing if the temperature changes during your journey.

  1. Comfortable shoes

Never mind fashion, you want to be comfortable on your feet. Ideally, wear a pair that can easily be removed or loosened while seated. Remember to circle your feet and ankles when you’re sedentary and point and flex your toes regularly. For your next trip, consider Dorset Coach Hire. Dorset coach hire by Turners Coaches is a great choice for the discerning traveller.

  1. Travel pillow

Nodding off is easy when you’re being lulled by the motion of the coach. Don’t risk waking with a painful crick in your neck and take a travel pillow with you for maximum comfort.

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  1. Regularly stretch your legs

Take every opportunity to get off the coach and stretch your legs, even if you don’t need a rest break or to buy anything. It’s a great excuse to have a stretch, take a look around and even get chatting to your fellow passengers. It will also help you to stay refreshed and energised on reaching your destination.

  1. Carry some small change

Depending on where you are, some service stations and tourist attractions may charge a small fee for using the toilet facilities. Having some change handy will make life much easier when you make a quick stop somewhere.

  1. Take a good book or two

Whether you fancy losing yourself in a good fiction or want to take the opportunity to read up on where you’re about to visit, a coach trip is the perfect chance to catch up on some reading.

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  1. Music

Whether you’ll be given complimentary headphones, or you decide to take your own personal device, relaxing to your favourite tunes is the perfect way to watch the world go by and drift away.

  1. Language programmes

Why not take the time to learn a new language as you travel? There are many language CDs and books that go with them to help beginners learn the lingo of where they are about to visit. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to practise once you get there.

  1. Write in a diary

Why not write a journal of your experiences while you’re travelling? It will help you to remember everything when you return home and is a great way to identify places in the photos you take.

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