The Ghost Buildings Of The Catskills Resorts

There’s some debate among certain members of the population about whether the Catskills Resorts is a dying destination too filled with old and decaying buildings to be of much interest to anyone anymore.

The resort, located about 100 miles north of New York City, used to be the destination for family holidays for many decades. It started seeing a decline in the 1980s when fewer visitors and tourists resulted in fewer jobs forcing residents to move away to find other places to earn money to feed themselves and their families.

The area was once bustling with numerous summer houses, camps and businesses. Photojournalistic articles have shown pictures of rotting and derelict buildings that give off a spooky feel, according to the articles authors.

Proponents of the resorts say it’s a matter of perspective. All areas have rotting and derelict buildings and instead of viewing those buildings as proof of a decaying, dying area, people should look at them as a piece of history.

Every place goes through changes. And change isn’t necessarily bad. One could always view those buildings as a part of the history of the place that harkened back to a time when the working and middle class went out to nature to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This would have been the time when air travel was much more expensive and often out of the affordability bounds of the average middle class family.

Just because the area has changed and the focus has shifted, this doesn’t mean that the Catskills Resorts no longer has anything to offer the public and eager tourists who aren’t afraid of getting active or a little bit of fresh air. There are still plenty of things to do in the area, even if it’s not staying at the summer houses that were so popular in the 1960s and earlier. To enjoy the region, you should contact Catskills resorts Honor’s Haven.

The Catskills region is still beautiful and offers and excellent opportunity to get away from the smog of the city without having to drive too far. It’s ideal for those who enjoy spending time outside whether it be golfing in the summer or skiing in the winter.

Here are a variety of counties in the area and each county offers its own unique perks to tourists and visitors. A few of the counties worth visiting include: Delaware County, Greene County, Sullivan County and Ulster County.

Delaware County: Described in many tourist literature as the “hidden gem” of the Catskill Region, Delaware County is the biggest of the four counties. It’s a quiet area not necessarily suitable for anyone who wants constant busyness. But it’s private, low key location makes a very good option for anyone who wanted a getaway. There is a significant amount of beautiful scenery including mountains, stunning vistas, river and reservoir valleys. Just because the area is quiet, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do. For the outdoor enthusiast there is plenty to do including fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, hiking and skiing. While the area is not highly commercialized, there are farmer’s markets, craft studies and country modern shops. There are a few street festivals and electric performing arts for anyone looking for that type of entertainment. This county is targeted more towards the rugged individuals who wants to get away from it all and be rejuvenated.

Greene County: Delaware County may hold the title as being the biggest in the region but Green County gets the title of the smallest and the northernmost. Painters have found much inspiration in this area and the beauty of nature here. It’s the home of the highest cascading falls in New York (Kaaterskill Falls). Rumor has it that the Rip Van Winkle tale was inspired by a visit here. This area is a good choice for anyone looking for a much more remote and quiet getaway. There are fewer buildings and fewer festivals which gives tourists a chance to really get away from everything and become one with nature, if that is what they wish to do.

Sullivan County: This County is the closest to New York City making it a good option to go to if the vacationer is from the city and doesn’t want to travel too far. It’s located in the southernmost corner of the Catskills region. Sullivan County’s claim to fame is that it hosted the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival in the Town of Bethel. The location of this festival is where the modern Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center was built. Racing is popular in this county. The world’s fastest half-mile harness racing is located here at Monticello Raceway. Sullivan Valley is also home to another cutting edge racino called Mighty M Gaming. Mighty M Gaming has possibly the area’s biggest collection of video gaming machines. There are nearly 1800 of them. There’s the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum and the area boasts at having the best trout fishing for miles. There are some who claim the trout fishing there is the best in the world.

Ulster County: Arts is an important part of Ulster County. The area is located above the Hudson River. There’s a bit of history there too and there are four 18th century stone structures standing that have been reasonably preserved and are in good shape. Twelve wineries grace this area so for the wine lover, this is an excellent place to visit. There’s a wine style and taste to meet any tastes. Some of the oldest streets in America are in this County including the history of the early Huguenot settlers.

While there are a lot of derelict buildings in the Catskills Mountains and area and not too far away from the Catskills Resorts, the area still has plenty to offer anyone wishing to experience nature. The so-called ghost buildings add to the charm and can make for some interesting viewing. If you see old buildings that look run-down, it’s generally not recommended that you try to enter them or otherwise touch them. This could be a safety hazard.

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